What makes Mahira Khan think that she is Cursed?

Mahira Khan recently sat down for an interview with the BBC and shed light on the next ten years of her career.

Mahira Khan addresses Ageism in the Film Industry - f

"The pressure is back on."

Mahira Khan recently sat down for an interview with the BBC, shedding light on picking up projects that feed her soul and goals for the next ten years of her career.

The Humsafar actor also spoke about how she feels she’s “cursed” when it comes to her big-screen endeavours.

When questioned about her upcoming film releases, Mahira Khan shared: “I swear, I’m cursed.

“I feel like every film I’m doing is going into the Bermuda Triangle. I’m just like, where are they?”

She continued: “Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay was one of those things where I was like, I’m just gonna go back to work because films weren’t happening.

“But, you’re right, I’m craving like I told you, I want to see all of us on the big screen again.

“So, Quaid e Azam Zindabad releases on Bakra Eid, so next Eid. And, Neelofar, you’ll have to ask Mr Fawad Khan, he’s the producer.

“And Maula Jatt, let’s not even go there.”

The actor, who is all set to essay the role of a blind woman in Neelofar, explained about having to prove her talent constantly to critics:

“Well, what happens is, every time I do something before it comes out, they’re like, ‘Now what will she do?’

“And luckily when it does come out, they’re like, ‘Oh, wow.’ And, literally, right when it’s done, the pressure is back on.

“And the only way I’ve started to take it is positively.”

Shedding light on how her career has exceeded her expectations, Mahira added:

“Just the fact that I got to work with the Shoaib Mansoor’s and the Sarmad Khoosats and the Asim Razas of Pakistan.

“The fact that all I ever wanted was to be in a film with Shah Rukh and did that.

“The fact that there have been so many ups and so much love and success but also such big downs and some failures and some hard times, and I just feel like, it’s just a beautiful, magical journey.

“Maybe I’m romanticising it, but I love romanticising everything.”

When questioned about what she wishes to achieve in the next ten years, Mahira did not hesitate to dream big.

Mahira Khan shared her list of A-list achievements that she wishes to check off her list, saying: “I want to be able to make movies, or anything, actually. Content.

“I want to be able to direct. There are things that I want to direct. Should we just go all out and say that we would like to be on the Oscars stage?”

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