Mahira Khan says “I Don’t Think So” to Working in Bollywood

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan revealed she would not consider working again in Bollywood due to the soured India and Pakistan relationship.

Mahira Khan says I Don't Think So to Working in Bollywood - f

"Does the film have to be with SRK or anyone else?"

Famous Pakistani actress Mahira Khan appeared in an interview where she was asked the big question regarding working in Bollywood again. 

Mahira was bemused why this question keeps on getting asked. However, the Fuschia magazine Gup Shup show’s host, Rabia Mughni, was adamant to get a response.

Having worked in the past opposite Shah Rukh Khan in the Bollywood blockbuster Raees (2017), she has fond memories of doing the film.

The film elevated Mahira Khan among Bollywood and Indian fans at the time playing the role of Aasiya, who becomes SRK’s wife in the movie.

In the interview, she recalls how she went alone to Mumbai to do the movie.

“I was all alone there.

“That was a very lonely time in Mumbai.”

At the time she thought she was being courageous and did not take anyone with her but disappointingly, she says she never managed to take any photos on the set.

“I wish I had. I did not even capture one photo.”

Mahira Khan says I Don't Think So to Working in Bollywood - alone

However, after doing the movie, she proudly did ‘share’ SRK with her close friends, saying:

“They [SRK’s side] would’ve ironically thought just how many friends of Mahira’s are coming here for meets and greets.

“Do you know I took all my best friends! They got to meet Shahrukh. 

“Insiya, Naroo, Sana, Feeha… Everybody at different times.

“They had come for a little little bit. He’s not just mine, he is for everyone!

“So, whoever I could take to meet my brother, I did!”

But since, relations between India and Pakistan have soured, working in Bollywood for Pakistani stars is not possible and vice-versa.

The led to the Gup Shup show’s host pressing on the question, of Mahira working in Bollywood again, with SRK.

Mahira responded with a question to the question.

“Does the film have to be with SRK or with anyone else?”

She was then granted the option of it being any Bollywood project to which she replied:

“I don’t think so.”

However, if the film was going to be with SRK, Mahira said, “of course”, she would consider it.

To reflect on the Pakistan/India situation Mahira Khan then gave the example related to television or OTT series and shows.

“You know these series that are being shown.

“The strange part related to this is if I do a promotion for an Indian channel. I don’t know what just happens… 

“I actually don’t know how they [India] are okay with all other actresses and actors working in their television shows and series but not me.

“Everything just erupts there [India]. Then the same happens here [Pakistan].”

“So, I really just don’t know what to do…

“If I want to do something different. That’s happening on that side [India], even though we’re making it.

“But an Indian channel is buying it you see. And that is where I also find it very confusing.

“If you think about it. If we want to make different types of content, right, if we want to make brave content or content that is a director or actor’s wish…

“For whom are we making this content? We are making it for the Indian platforms.

“That’s so sad but it’s okay and great as well. I thought Churails was great and Ek Jhoothi Love Story.

“But I wish we were making it for a platform here [Pakistan]. This is something we should think about.”

“Our movies cannot be aired there [India] but our actors can be on their platforms. Our series can be on their platforms. So, it doesn’t make sense.

“For me, it feels like I cannot do anything there or do things like that here.”

“It’s a very tricky thing for me.”

Mahira goes on to reflect how creativity and freedom of expression can be inspired by such alternative projects that are away from the norm.

Therefore, it remains to be seen if things will ever change to allow such creativity to be cultivated between the two countries once again in the domain of filmmaking.

Nazhat is an ambitious 'Desi' woman with interests in news and lifestyle. As a writer with a determined journalistic flair, she firmly believes in the motto "an investment in knowledge pays the best interest," by Benjamin Franklin.

Images courtesy YouTube Fuschia Magazine

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