Rimi Sen says Working in Big Films left her with No Hope

Rimi Sen has revealed that working in big Bollywood films left her with no hope. She explained the reason why.

Rimi Sen says Working in Big Films left her with No Hope f

"I just treated acting like any other profession"

Rimi Sen says that working in big films left her with no hope and subsequently forced her to quit acting.

She made her debut in the 2003 comedy-drama Hungama. Rimi went on to star in DhoomPhir Hera Pheri and many others.

However, she did not enjoy the attention she was getting and eventually decided to quit acting after being typecast in comedy roles.

Rimi explained: “I was not satisfied with my work.

“I was looking for some sensible and meaningful cinema which filmmakers like Sriram Raghavan are doing in today’s time.

“I was completely disappointed with most of the movies I was associated with.

“I just treated acting like any other profession to sustain in life and become financially stable.

“It took me some time or years to understand the creative process. By the time I got hold of it, I found myself being typecast in comedy.

“In order to break that, I tried to do certain kinds of films like Johnny Gaddaar but it didn’t work out. I wasn’t ready to struggle either. So I decided to quit acting.”

Rimi told BollywoodLife that she did not enjoy the fame.

“I didn’t enjoy the fame. It was like getting up in the morning, going to the sets and coming back home after work and go to sleep. That was my life.

“I didn’t like the attention I was getting from people. Even today, I don’t like it. I like being aloof. I had disappeared from the industry a decade ago.

“I got into production and had produced a film, Budhia Singh, which went on to bag the National Award.

“Getting into production was easy for me because by then I had become a known face in the industry.”

“It was easy to collaborate with others for work. We are currently in talks for a couple of projects. Hopefully, we will bring them out next year once things fall into place.”

Rimi Sen left when she was at the peak of her career. She went on to appear in Bigg Boss 9 which she said she did only for the money.

She now plans to return to films but wishes to act in more realistic dramas as opposed to masala films.

Rimi added: “No role is difficult to portray if your director is clear with his/her vision.

“A good director can bring out good performances from non-actors as well.

“As long as you have a good director, you have a good story to tell, there’s nothing difficult as such.

“Production would be my first choice if I don’t get any acting offers.”

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