Ajith Kumar Fans trend #ValimaiTrailer in Anticipation of Film

Social media users trend #ValimaiTrailer after director H Vinoth reveals it will be coming out soon alongside two new songs.

Ajith Kumar Fans trend #ValimaiTrailer in Anticipation of Film - f

“We will soon release the trailer first"

Fans of Indian actor Ajith Kumar took to Twitter to trend the hashtag #ValimaiTrailer after director H Vinoth stated that the trailer would be released shortly.

H Vinoth also revealed that two new songs will be released in January 2022, on the same day as the highly-anticipated action-thriller.

Valimai marks the second collaboration between H Vinoth, Ajith Kumar and producer Boney Kapoor after Nerkonda Paarvai (2019).

Talking about how the Valimai journey began, H Vinoth said:

“Unlike Nerkonda Paarvai, we wanted Valimai to be a more commercial film with action and doses of family drama.

“The objective is to give everyone a wholesome experience; so, there’s more emphasis on mass elements this time around.”

Fans of Ajith Kumar have patiently waited for updates in regards to the Tamil film.

Whilst posters, a behind-the-scenes filming video and two songs have been shared, netizens await the trailer of Valimai.

Talking about the update frenzy on social media, the director said:

“It started like it does for every film, but somewhere, it turned into entertainment.

“The trend evolved naturally because of the lack of content during the lockdown and no, I was not angered or irritated because it was not in our control.

“Ajith sir did give out a statement about it. The pressure to deliver updates affects quality.”

“Earlier, it was just a poster and a trailer followed by songs. But now, film content is being judged on the regularity of updates.

“And often, when too much hype is generated, it causes the audience to be disappointed with the actual film.

“We have already released posters, a motion poster, a glimpse, a making video and two songs.

“We will soon release the trailer first, and then two songs on the day of the release, as they are really connected to the story.”

Whilst the exact release date of the trailer was not announced, Ajith Kumar fans couldn’t help but rush to Twitter to share their excitement.

One user wrote: “ValimaiTrailer might be released on 30th December. Get ready for the rage!”

Another added: “ValimaiTrailer loading… We just need a pre-announcement. Boney Kapoor sir, make it happen.”

A third commented: “#ValimaiTrailer will be released next. Best Christmas ever!”

Amidst the excitement, it was also recently announced that Valimai will be released in both Hindi and Telugu, catering to Ajith’s fanbase across India.

Valimai also stars Huma Qureshi, Kartikeya Gummakonda and Yogi Babu in pivotal roles.

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