Shah Rukh Khan’s lookalike Ibrahim Qadri breaks Internet

Ibrahim Qadri has taken over the internet due to his resemblance to Shah Rukh Khan. He has now spoken about his newfound stardom.

Shah Rukh Khan's lookalike Ibrahim Qadri breaks Internet f

"everyone started mobbing me for selfies"

Ibrahim Qadri has opened up about his uncanny resemblance to Shah Rukh Khan.

His newfound stardom has taken over the internet and he has revealed that SRK’s fans have mobbed him, thinking he is the actor.

Ibrahim recalled being mobbed and having to be rescued by the police.

Speaking about his looks, Ibrahim said:

“I was never one who paid too much attention to my looks.

“But my looks were often brought to my attention by my family and friends, ‘You look like Shah Rukh Khan!’

“My parents were especially proud of the fact that they gave birth to a kid who had an uncanny resemblance to India’s superstar.

“I couldn’t help the attention I got and frankly when puberty hit, I started looking exactly like SRK!

“And that’s when the madness began; after my friends and I watched Raees, everyone started mobbing me for selfies thinking the real SRK had made an appearance for the film’s premiere!”

Shah Rukh Khan's lookalike Ibrahim Qadri breaks Internet

Recalling another incident with fans, Ibrahim said:

“Then there was another incident when I went to watch KKR take on Gujarat Lions in the stadium; everyone took out their cameras and waved at me.

“People clapped and spoke SRK’s famous movie lines at me. I saw how much love people have for SRK and for the 1st time, I felt like a Badshah, it was special!

“But very quickly, I also realised what SRK probably goes through daily, I got swamped and someone held onto me so tight that my t-shirt tore!

“It got so bad that I had to call the police to be safely taken out of the stadium. And after rescuing me, the cops asked, ‘SRK sir, ek (one) selfie?’”

“To see people so enthusiastic to meet me every day made me want to take my SRK persona seriously and become his doppelganger.

“And so I started watching all his movies and copying his mannerisms.”

“In understanding SRK, I also got mesmerised by how charming, kind and big-hearted our Badshah of Bollywood is.

“And those are qualities I try to imbibe in myself too.”

Shah Rukh Khan's lookalike Ibrahim Qadri breaks Internet 2

Ibrahim Qadri explained that his resemblance to SRK has resulted in him being invited to shows.

“I often get invited to shows and weddings as the ‘special guest’ and I enjoy dancing with crowds to ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’, to witness people feel special around someone they truly look up to makes me feel that what I do is worth it.

“But as much as I respect SRK, I also wish people would look beyond my looks and try to know me as a person too.

“But the truth is if there was anybody in the world I could choose to look like, my choice would be SRK.

“It will be a dream come true if one day I get to meet my idol, SRK in person!

“I’d be speechless if that happened but when I’d get over being starstruck I’d tell him, ‘For always making me laugh, cry, dance, sing and have fun… I thank you’.”

Social media users pointed out how much Ibrahim  Qadri looks like Shah Rukh.

One said: “I refuse to believe you are just a doppelganger. It seems like SRK using a different ID.”

Another commented: “For a split second I thought it to be SRK!”

A third person said: “For real, I felt this is SRK.”

A user wrote: “Oh my God! I really thought this was SRK.”

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