Weekend Fashion: Kareena and Mahira steal the Show

Check out DESIblitz’s top picks of weekend fashion. Gaze upon amazing styles from Kareena Kapoor Khan, Mahira Khan, Shama Sikander and much more!

Weekend Fashion: Kareena and Mahira steal the Show

This dress alone proves why Kareena Kapoor Khan hails as one of Bollywood's fashion icons.

In this weekend fashion, taking place 8th-9th July 2017, prepare for stunning gowns and edgy airport fashion!

Our famous stars have wowed us once again with their stylish looks. Whether they attended the BIFA Awards 2017, travelled to stunning holiday locations or simply made a quick dash to the airport, all dressed to impress.

Wearing designer labels, the celebrities have stunned with their chic designs, glamorous jewellery and edgy styles.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top picks for the weekend fashion!

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Weekend Fashion: Kareena and Mahira steal the Show

Kareena Kapoor Khan set a high standard in this weekend fashion by wearing this magnificent dress. The star chose to wear this amazing outfit while visiting Malaysia.

This black and gold cocktail gown looked utterly stylish, with its unusual design and Bardot neckline.

Created by fashion label POEM, the gown showed off Kareena’s wonderful figure. The actress also opted for minimal jewellery, with just a ring and earrings. She also swept her hair to one side, with her luscious locks styled in wavy tresses.

This dress alone proves why Kareena Kapoor Khan hails as one of Bollywood’s fashion icons.

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Mahira Khan

Weekend Fashion: Kareena and Mahira steal the Show

Mahira Khan attended the annual BIAF Awards 2017 this weekend. She quickly became one of the standout stars of the event for this regal gown.

Containing shades of pastel pink, the actress looked captivating in this sleeveless dress. With a cinched bodice, it flared out to reveal floral embellishments, such as pink leaves and dark branches. It finished off with an elegant, long train.

Overall, the Nicolas Jebran gown created the ultimate princess goals!

Mahira also opted to wear glittering chandelier earrings, which complimented the look beautifully. Similar to Kareena, the actress also styled her raven locks to one side.

Shama Sikander

Weekend Fashion: Kareena and Mahira steal the Show

Shama Sikander has been wowing fans with her recent holiday snaps, as she visits the beautiful Switzerland. Keeping up with the warm weather, the actress chose to don this bright, summery outfit.

This lemon yellow dress, decorated with black polka dots, created a fun, vibrant touch to Shama’s look. With a low neckline and belt, the actress revealed her beautiful figure and stunning legs.

Keeping her long hair in a simple bun, Shama Sikander added dark sunglasses and a black shoulder bag to her outfit. Posing against the backdrop of a quaint, Swiss town, we can’t help but feel envious of the star.

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Kangana Ranaut

Weekend Fashion: Kareena and Mahira steal the Show

Creating an edgy vibe to the weekend fashion, Kangana impressed fans with this rock-chic ensemble.

Heading to the airport, the actress matched a printed Dolce & Gabbana tee-shirt with a pair of black, ripped jeans. With black boots and a big bag, Kangana looked extremely on-trend.

However, the standout piece by far was the star’s gorgeous black leather jacket. With zips, buttons and buckles adorning the jack, the actress truly embodied the rock-chic look.

Keeping her hair in natural curls, she added a pair of sunglasses to her look. Kangana Ranaut always know how to perfectly execute a stunning outfit such as this!

Ranveer Singh

Weekend Fashion: Kareena and Mahira steal the Show

Always making his own way to the airport was Ranveer Singh. Known for his quirky fashion style, he didn’t disappoint with this number.

In Mumbai, the actor matched a cream blazer and pair of trousers with a red tee-shirt. Opting to wear his long hair down, he added a brown beret and dark sunglasses.

The highlight of his look lied in his unusual trainers. They contained splashes of vibrant colours, including red, blue green and yellow. The intriguing designs certainly reinvigorated Ranveer’s look, as he gave a thumbs-up to the cameras.

In this weekend fashion, we have seen an array of outfits. From casual wear to high-glamour, these celebrities have shown how they can execute such amazing looks.

We are particularly impressed with the likes of Kareena and Mahira, who have sizzled in their magnificent gowns. In addition, Kangana and Ranveer have also shown how to pull off airport fashion in true style.

And with the IIFA Awards Festival 2017 fast approaching, we won’t have to wait long for even more dazzling looks from the stars!

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Images courtesy of Cosmo India, Shama Sikander, yashrajfilmstalent, Mahira Khan Official Instagrams and mahriahqueen Instagram.

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