Dipti Mrinalini talks Fashion and Female Entrepreneurship

Dipti Mrinalini is a fashion designer who created an eco and socio-conscious brand. She uses natural fabric and promotes indigenous craft practices.

Dipti Mrinalini talks Fashion and Female Entrepreneurship

"When a desire is raging in your heart, don’t dampen that spirit."

Designer Dipti Mrinalini hails as a unique inspiration to the world of Indian fashion. A former intern at World Health Organisation (WHO), Dipti discovered a passion for creating unique, stylish pieces.

Now a fashion entrepreneur, Dipti Mrinalini has perfected her natural tendency to surprise customers with her creative designs. She created her own brand, entitled Dipti Mrinalini Label, in 2015.

Designing stylish outfits for both men and women, she focuses on using traditional weaving techniques to design magnificent pieces.

Sometimes what someone does in her own surroundings can be so inspirational that it can catapult the person to the status of matchless capability.

Dipti Mrinalini is one such exceptional woman, achieving her dreams. In an interview with DESIblitz, we chat with the designer about her fashion brand and the challenges of becoming a female entrepreneur.

How did the idea of Dipti Mrinalini Label begin?

I am so passionate about fashion designing, right from my childhood. I used to sketch designs for some magazines during my college days, but I couldn’t concentrate on it full time owing to my studies.

Dipti Mrinalini talks Fashion and Female Entrepreneurship

After completion of my graduation in Hyderabad, I went to the US to pursue a Masters in Global Development at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. Subsequently, I secured an internship at the World Health Organisation.

However, I realised that a lucrative job doesn’t fulfil my life. So, once I completed my studies, I came back to India. I started working as a part-time associate at VOICE 4 Girls; I worked along with weavers for some time and then a marketing consultant at Creative Bee.

“What’s the point in living as someone else when you have an iron-like desire to be yourself? One night, I found an answer to this question and it prepared me to follow my heart, despite the hurdles that might come my way.”

So in December 2015, the launch of my own brand Dipti Mrinalini Label happened. Though I am focussing on my own brand, I am still an active member of Voice 4 Girls.

Dipti Mrinalini talks Fashion and Female Entrepreneurship

What motivated you towards the fashion industry?

When a desire is raging in your heart, don’t dampen that spirit. You have to go for it. I don’t want to be a people pleaser. I always want to be myself and I would love to pursue what’s best for me.

Right from my childhood, being creative makes me feel alive. Fashion designing is one such creative profession and I am passionate about it. That interest motivated me to establish Dipti Mrinalini Label.

What did your family say when you came up with your fashion business?

Like every other entrepreneur who started from scratch, it was a tough time for me to convince my parents about my idea of establishing my own fashion label. My parents, being civil servants, insisted that I should also become a civil servant.

They said that the fashion industry relates to a particular community and it doesn’t work for everyone.

Dipti Mrinalini talks Fashion and Female Entrepreneurship

People discouraged me saying the fashion industry isn’t fascinating at all. They warned me of dire consequences of investing money in a fashion business.

However, nothing could lower my spirit as I already made up my mind to follow my heart and I launched Dipti Mrinalini Label. Now I have full support from my family, especially my mother who supports me very well.

How do you look at the competition in the fashion industry?

Here it is immense. Sometimes it gives me fear to see the number of people entering into this field.

Nevertheless, if you always have a hunger to learn something new, that’s what I think helps you survive. Despite the cut-throat competition.

How do you manage your work/personal life balance?

It’s really challenging. Especially when it is a start-up, the initial effort is gruelling. It involves a lot of travelling and thought process. You need to cut down on entertainment.

Dipti Mrinalini talks Fashion and Female Entrepreneurship

However, time management skill plays an important role in balancing the work and personal lives.

It’s like you have to work hard and at the same time, you have to pay attention to your personal life. If one goes out of order, the other gets affected too.

As a female entrepreneur, what’s your message to women of this generation?

If you have a goal, don’t let anybody put it down. Take them seriously and run towards them with a clear mind.

“Always remember that your dream isn’t confined to yourself only, but it is also for the benefit of others. Whoever supports you in achieving your dreams, cling on to them!”

Determination, passion and creativity shine through Dipti Mrinalini and her brand. Using an array of materials, vibrant colours and exciting patterns, the designer has created an exciting label that will surely become a big name in the industry.

Hence her motto: “Dream. Do.” As she showcases her label on social media, we grow more and more impressed with the remarkable entrepreneur’s feats.

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Krishna enjoys creative writing. He is a voracious reader and an avid writer. Besides writing, he loves watching movies and listening to music. His motto is "Dare to move mountains".

Images courtesy of Dipti Mrinalini Instagram.

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