Weekend Fashion: Shilpa and Bipasha look Chic and Flawless

Check out DESIblitz’s top picks of the weekend fashion. Gaze upon captivating looks from Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Bipasha Basu and more!

Weekend Fashion: Shilpa and Bipasha look Chic and Flawless

We particularly love this unique shirt, which has a low V-neck and cut-out shoulders.

In this weekend fashion, from 9th-10th September 2017, our B-Town celebrities are still enjoying the last few weeks of summer.

From donning glorious colours to magnificent patterns, the stars aren’t saying goodbye to the season just yet.

As they grace the catwalk, venture on holiday or make special appearances, the stars have kept all eyes on them with their fantastic outfits.

This weekend fashion has witnessed an array of impressive looks, both formal and casual. With the right combination of jewellery, makeup and accessories, they have won our hearts with their chic fashion sense.

Without further ado, let’s a take a glance at the top picks for the weekend fashion!

Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Weekend Fashion: Shilpa and Bipasha look Chic and Flawless

First, we begin with this cheerful look created by Bollywood’s Yoga queen, Shilpa Shetty Kundra. The celebrity looked absolutely flawless for her Wellness talk in Amritsar.

She donned a Babita Malkani ensemble; a striped creation featuring shades of yellow, black and white. This unusual combination of colours created a chic, fresh look that only Shilpa can pull off in excellent style. She also adds a simple black belt, complimenting the dress stunningly.

Shilpa wears a variety of intriguing jewellery, such as gold bangles and beautiful, hooped earrings. They match well with her makeup, which features brown eyeshadow, immaculate contouring and a pink lip.

The actress finishes off the look with outstanding footwear. The River Island heels, designed with dazzling jewels, stick with the overall vibrant look.

Bipasha Basu

Weekend Fashion: Shilpa and Bipasha look Chic and Flawless

Bipasha Basu cuts a very glamorous pose in this weekend fashion. She recently became the face of fashion label Rocky Star’s autumn/winter season. This meant she had the chance to strut down the catwalk of Bombay Times Fashion Week.

The Bollywood star wowed as she wore this regal, Rocky Star dress. Its top donned a dark green hue, featuring beautifully designed gold embellishments on the cuffs and sleeves. With a low V-neck, Bipasha sizzles in the outfit.

The dress changes to a patterned skirt, with soft colours of browns and greys. One can also glimpse upon the actress’ stunning legs.

Bipasha styled her hair in gorgeous curls, revealing her warm, chestnut hair. Finished with gold clips, the star creates a captivating look. One that takes our breath away!

Taapsee Pannu

Weekend Fashion: Shilpa and Bipasha look Chic and Flawless

Throughout the weekend, Taapsee Pannu has been busy preparing for a FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) event. However, she still managed to impress with this cool-chic number.

The Judwaa 2 actress paired a black top with cream trousers. We particularly love this unique shirt, which has a low V-neck and cut-out shoulders. But check out the flared cuffs at the end – a gorgeous fashion trend of 2017.

Taapsee tucks the top under her trousers, highlighting her flawless figure by adding a cream belt. The trousers cut off by the starlet’s ankles, where she dons a pair of strapped heels, featuring hues of black and white.

Adding only a choker necklace and sticking with dark eye makeup, Taapsee creates an enviable, stunning look.

Karan Johar

Weekend Fashion: Shilpa and Bipasha look Chic and Flawless

Bollywood director Karan Johar wowed in this weekend fashion with a dapper, handsome suit. Created by fashion designer Manish Maholtra, the suit added a touch of class and glamour to the star’s look.

As one can expect with the director’s vibrant style, he added a few twists to reinvent this classic suit. For example, he adorned a beautiful butterfly broach on his blazer. With gorgeous patterns on both of its wings, this broach certainly stands out well.

Finishing off the spectacular outfit, Karan added stunning shoes to his look. Containing dark blue sequins, they sparkled and oozed of glamour. With black tussles on top, this added a touch of playfulness to this smart suit. Overall, an outstanding look from the director!

Shama Sikander

Weekend Fashion: Shilpa and Bipasha look Chic and Flawless

Shama Sikander is an actress known for creating seductive and sexy looks. However, she also knows how to captivate fans with elegant, gorgeous looks. Take this summer-inspired outfit, for example.

The actress donned a beautiful dress, patterned with graphics of leaves and floral designs. With cut-out shoulders and a cinched waist, the outfit shows off Shama’s beautiful figure and curves.

She lets her hair down in soft waves, adding a touch of elegance, and sticks with light makeup.

For accessories, Shama carries a small, black clutch bag and wears gold earrings. She also adds a splash of colour with a yellow bangle on her wrist. What a fresh, exotic look!

After glancing through our top picks for the weekend fashion, we’re impressed by the high standards of our Bollywood stars. They have all created eye-catching statement pieces, particularly Shilpa Shetty Kundra and Bipasha Basu.

While Shilpa looks fresh and chic with her vibrant outfit, Bipasha carries magnificence with her dress.

But now as summer finally ends, we look forward to the next season: Autumn. With our fashionista stars undoubtedly planning an array of gorgeous outfits for the new season, we can’t wait to see what they will show off next!

Sarah is an English and Creative Writing graduate who loves video games, books and looking after her mischievous cat Prince. Her motto follows House Lannister's "Hear Me Roar".

Images courtesy of Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Bipasha Basu, Taapsee Pannu, Karan Johar and Shama Sikander Official Instagrams.

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