Wear your Attitude!

Today, everything you wear could make a fashion statement, even your underwear. With the celebrities flaunting it openly, the fans cannot be kept away. With more and more brands coming up, designs are available for all occasions…

Underwear is not just clothing but a fashion accessory too

What you wear under your clothes speaks your mind. Today, the world of men’s underwear has come a long way from the days when the only thing available was boring boxers or a tailor made ‘chaddi.’

Now, it is more than a style statement, a means of self expression. “Well, it really matters which brand you use. Underwear is not just clothing but a fashion accessory too,” says Shakeel, a male model in Bangalore, India.

Male Designer UnderwearWhen Bollywood heartthrobs Saif and Shahrukh are flaunting it, how can their fans, be left out? After all, it is fashionable to show the straps with the designer tag; they spell style and attitude, and good things come at a cost too.

Nowadays you have a plethora of under gear to choose from. Thongs, trunks, bikinis, briefs, boxers and jock straps… name it and you’ll find designs suitable for a special day, every day and any other use you can imagine. In the market you can check out VIP, Jockey, Hannes, Reebok, UCB, Tommy Hilfiger and other brands that have come out with their exclusive collection, which are more sexy and stylish.

India has seen a growth of designer ‘inner wear’ as it is alternatively called. The fetish for this kind of fancy wear has especially made Bangaloreans, go on a virtual tour for e-shopping. Looking for brands and styles fitting to their tastes and desires.

Rahul Kapoor, an IT professional explains, “Being techno savvy, I get an array of collection to choose from around the globe, even get customised just for a click and the biggest benefit is, you don’t have to share your likes with the sales person.”

Yes, we agree it’s a world where you can discover your wildest fantasy does exist and someone has designed it for you. Letting their imagination run wild, people don’t mind paying for what they want.

Check out this fashion show of the kind of designer underwear on offer. Here you can see examples of the DKNY and UNICO labels.


Male Kitty UnderwearNot only is underwear getting sexier and bolder, men are getting more innovative with its use. All we can say is underwear is no doubt one of the seduction tools to spice up your sex life. As Calvin Klein once said, “I think there’s something incredibly sexy about a woman wearing her boyfriend’s T-shirt and underwear.”

Male underwear has been hugely revamped and now designed to give every guy something he likes to wear for himself, for his partner or for a specific occasion. Including the availability of different and unique styles, a variety of delightful fabrics, various shapes and sizes, and an array of designer labels, to give the male of today a huge choice in this personal but also visual wear.

So, guys don’t hold back on this particular area of fashion, be bold; selective; sexy and daring – wear your attitude!

Omi is a freelance fashion stylist and enjoys writing. He describes himself as 'a dare devil with quicksilver tongue and maverick mind, who wears his heart on his sleeve.' As a writer by profession and by choice, he dwells in the world of words.