Kareena Kapoor Gets Candid about her Attitude

Kareena Kapoor candidly spoke about her introverted attitude towards Bollywood, as well as her personal life.

Kareena Kapoor reveals why she was sent to Boarding School-f

"I’ve still got it, I’m still hot."

Kareena Kapoor delved into her attitude towards the current trends of Bollywood, which include looking good and hosting big parties.

The actress has been a firm fixture in the industry for over 20 years. She debuted in Refugee (2000).

Since making her debut in Refugee (2000), Kareena has become a fan favourite across multiple generations.

Kareena spoke about how not adhering to the beauty obsessions of Bollywood has aided her longevity.

She revealed: “Everyone else still wants to look perfect, hot, amazing, this, that.

“But I now feel that times have changed, people are ready to accept new things.

“And they have to accept me like this, exactly the way I am. They have to.

“Now especially, actors have to keep saying something or the other. I can’t. I just cut off.

“Otherwise I wouldn’t have lasted this long.

“I would have just have wilted in this competition, this pressure, the comparison of this look and that look, now so-and-so’s on the rise and I have to look young, so-and-so is doing this or that brand or is a global face.

“I can’t. I’m done.”

“I’m very attached to my family, my kids, my husband, my five friends. That’s it. That’s my life. I need my people.

“My spot boy has been with me from my first shot.

“People who come into my world, I don’t let them go and they don’t leave.

“That’s why I’m not at every single party. I don’t feel the need to be doing that.

“Being at parties, making friends, socialising. I don’t want to.

“I’ve still got it, I’m still hot.”

Kareena Kapoor was notably absent from Sunny Deol‘s grand party held to celebrate the magnificent success of Gadar 2 (2023).

The bash drew almost everyone from the industry.

The Jab We Met star also revealed that she and her husband Saif Ali Khan only married because they wanted to have kids.

The pair had been in a relationship for five years, before tying the knot in 2012.

They are now parents to two sons – Taimur and Jeh.

Kareena said: “The reason you get married now is that you want to have a child, right?

“I mean today otherwise, you can just live together. [Saif and I] lived together for five years, so when we took the next step, it was because we wanted to have children.

“I want to live my life in front of my kids, I want to do everything with them.”

“We have to be happy, then they will flourish.

“I’m responsible for my own mental health first.”

Kareena previously spoke about the importance of embracing age.

The actress opined that the phase of one’s 40s is the “best part” for a person.

On the work front, Kareena Kapoor was last seen in the Netflix film Jaane Jaan (2023).

She will next be seen in The Crew. 

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