Wahaj Ali details Acting Struggles

Currently starring in ‘Tere Bin’ as Murtasim, Wahaj Ali opened up about the struggles of making it big in the acting industry.

Wahaj Ali details Acting Struggles f

“If you talk about struggle, yes"

Wahaj Ali, who is currently starring in Tere Bin, opened up about being a struggling actor.

He gave the impression of being a struggling actor when he stepped foot into the world of acting, but this was not the entire truth.

Stepping into the world of drama, Wahaj Ali was quick to obtain scripts and projects, but he was faced with tough competition in order to be given the main lead roles in his projects.

Wahaj was fortunate enough to land his first lead roles in the drama serials Ishq Jalebi and Jo Bichare Gaye.

Speaking about the struggles of making it big in the acting world, Wahaj felt he did not struggle when it came to being given scripts.

But he admitted that it was difficult to heighten the artistry, and this is where the struggle lies.

He said: “If you talk about struggle, yes, I have struggled to learn my craft, I have put my efforts in refining my craft which has also activated my thought process and made my work better.

“Whenever I hear some criticism about my craft, I admire this thing and work on my skills, and I feel happy that just because of someone’s opinion, my thought process activated and I learnt to use my skills at the right time.”

Wahaj Ali has paved a successful path in his acting career with hit dramas like Dil Na Umeed To Nahi.

Committed to further improving his craft, Wahaj has frequently given stellar performances, which gripped his audience and it was through his determination that he earned his place in the glittery glamorous world of acting.

In a previous interview, Wahaj touched base about becoming a trend of taking on “mazloom” (helpless) characters in which he is not treated in the best way.

Giving the impression that this was the main reason he chose these roles to play, Wahaj stated:

“There are great budgets for such stories.”

“The stories I like that are pitched to me are like these only. So, I pick the ones that’s the best out of them and it’s usually the ones I connect with the most.

“I’m an extremely powerless person at home so I like such stories. I connect with them well.”

On the work front, Wahaj Ali is portraying Murtasim in Tere Bin, opposite Yumna Zaidi.

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