How Pakistani Stars are redefining Fatherhood

As Father’s Day approaches, three Pakistani stars spoke about fatherhood and what their parenting approach.

How Pakistani Stars are redefining Fatherhood f

He explained that his father was the best illustration

For many Pakistani stars, being in the public eye is often an invitation to learn about habits, relationships and family life.

Many take to social media to share glimpses of their personal lives and this includes their children.

Father’s Day is approaching on June 18, 2023.

With that said, three Pakistani stars open up about being fathers, what their parenting approach is and what they have learnt from their own fathers.

Ali Safina

How Pakistani Stars are redefining Fatherhood

Ali Safina is currently starring in the show Kuch Ankahi alongside Mira Sethi and is recognised for his comedic timing and adaptability in different genres of acting.

He is a much-loved actor who is very particular about the projects he signs.

Outside of acting, Ali is very much a family man and has a daughter.

Asked about raising his daughter, Ali opened up about things he wanted to do that were dissimilar to generations gone by.

He explained that his father was the best illustration, whom he watched raise his sister and that since becoming a parent himself, he attempts to follow in the steps of his own father.

Although fairly traditional himself, Ali witnessed his father treat his children equally in terms of giving a fair education to both his sons and daughters, including extracurricular activities.

Wishing himself a Happy Father’s Day, Ali stated that he felt accomplished as a father knowing that his family is happy, and is joyful when he sees his daughter happy.

Azaan Sami Khan

How Pakistani Stars are redefining Fatherhood 2

Azaan Sami Khan is the son of musical maestro Adnan Sami and Pakistani actress Zeba Bakhtiar.

Following in his parents’ footsteps, Azaan has also made a mark in the world of both acting and singing. He spoke openly about being a single parent to his two children.

Azaan stated that men are given a futile ego by society and in order to be of benefit to their children it was vital to get rid of the egotistical attitude that is adopted by many.

He admitted that this was something he himself struggled with, but when he educated himself into letting his ego go, life proved better for everyone around him, most importantly his children.

During his divorce, Azaan shed light on the fact that people advised him to stay together for his children but he deemed it much more important that his children grew up in a happy environment and not in one which would eventually make them collateral damage.

As a working father, providing for his children, Azaan explained how he prefers to work around the schedule of his children and allocates time which is given uninterrupted to his children.

Speaking about the struggle of being a single parent, Azaan touched on the subject of spoiling your children.

He said it was an attempt to outweigh the guilt one felt and in this, the children end up getting spoilt.

Speaking about his mother, he spoke about how he learnt to be honest from her as she was always honest with him from a young age. He believes that honesty is the best policy for children.

Shaan Shahid

Shaan Shahid is a legendary actor and is a father to four daughters.

Discussing his relationship with his daughters and gushing with pride, Shaan revealed that his daughters discussed everything with him.

He strives to be the parent that his daughters can come to in confidence and expressed his wish that he wanted to be the person his daughters came to when they go through heartbreak, love, and defining moments in their lives, big and small.

Shaan spoke of how he observes the world through the eyes of his late mother, followed by his wife and daughters.

He is an advocate of giving his daughters privacy and freedom, and the ability to think in their own way, but educates them regarding moral principles.

Shaan spoke of giving his daughters the space to make mistakes so that they could learn to accept and grow from their mistakes.

Touching on the subject of marriage, Shaan humorously quipped that his daughters would get married and bring their husbands to live at home with him.

Speaking of his wishes for his daughters, Shaan revealed he just wanted his girls to be happy and find their stability in life.

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