Singing Delhi Policeman wins hearts on Instagram

A Delhi-based policeman has become a singing sensation for his soulful renditions of popular songs on Instagram.

Singing Delhi Policeman wins hearts on Instagram f

"No words to describe your soothing voice."

A Delhi policeman is winning the hearts of social media users with his renditions of popular tracks.

Rajat Rathor, an officer in the Delhi Police, has become a singing sensation on Instagram, posting videos of himself singing and playing the guitar in his car.

Usually, he is dressed in his police uniform.

One video showed him singing Vishal Mishra’s ‘Aaj Bhi’, perfectly encapsulating the soulfulness of the lyrics and tone.

At the same time, the lyrics are captioned so netizens can join in.

The video impressed his fans, with some believing Rajat’s version is the better one.

One music lover wrote: “Better than the original!”

Another said: “Sir, I don’t have any words to express my praise because I have sung the best than my best version sir and this song reminds me of someone else.”

Others were stunned by the policeman’s singing voice.

A user said: “No words to describe your soothing voice.”

Another commented: “This voice just shivers my whole body.”

Rajat has also performed covers of hit tracks from the likes of Darshan Raval and King.

But he has achieved a following due to his renditions of Arijit Singh tracks.

In March 2023, Rajat made waves for his performance of ‘Aabaad Barbaad’, which is in the film Ludo.

Dressed in his police uniform, Rajat beautifully put his own spin on the song.

Unsurprisingly, social media users were impressed.

One user wrote: “Something euphonious sounds beautiful and pleasant. You have a euphonious voice.”

Another commented: “This is the real talent of sir… following your passion along with doing your duty for the nation… Very much impressed, sir.

“Give some tips for becoming more like you. By the way, the voice is too good.”

Pointing out that all of the songs he has sung are beloved, one user said:

“I literally love your voice. It’s so clear. I love singing as well.

“I checked your profile, and all the songs that you sang are actually my favourites.”

A user said: “Such a heart-touching voice.”

Others admitted that they were constantly listening to Rajat’s cover on repeat.

Even though the policeman achieved popularity with his soulful renditions of Indian songs, he is not afraid to try out new things.

Showcasing his versatility, he has previously sung ‘You Are the Reason’ by British singer-songwriter Calum Scott.

The policeman’s singing voice has also led to performance opportunities. In the past, he has performed during formal events organised by the Delhi Police.

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