Mathira reveals Extent of Injuries after Car Accident

In 2022, Mathira was involved in a car accident in Dubai. The actress has now opened up on the extent of the injuries she suffered.

Mathira reveals Extent of Injuries after Car Accident f

"I would be coughing up blood"

Mathira shared details about the horrific car crash she was involved in.

The actress had been in Dubai at the time and on New Year’s Day 2022, she revealed she had been involved in a car accident.

On her Instagram Story, Mathira shared a picture of the wrecked car she was in and revealed that the vehicle had been struck by two trucks.

Appearing on Madiha Naqvi’s morning show, Mathira opened up about the accident and revealed the extent of her injuries.

Describing it as a dangerous incident, Mathira revealed that she suffered multiple bone fractures as well as a punctured lung.

She told Madiha: “I had a very bad accident in 2022. A lot of my bones were fractured, my lung was punctured, it happened on the New Year in Dubai.

“That was quite a horrible time for me, even if I would be walking a bit, I would be coughing up blood, I was just sitting and sleeping.

“I was not allowed to do gym, and those medications made me fat too, after that Covid happened.”

Mathira reveals Extent of Injuries after Car Accident

Opening up about the trials she was faced with in her recovery process, Mathira showed strength and flexibility, eventually stepping back into her career highlighting her fighting spirit.

Mathira is recognised for her highly bold and often blunt personality. She has received criticism due to controversial statements.

In the past, Mathira made some interesting revelations regarding the plastic surgery controversy that is often associated with her.

She previously said: “If I had gotten any such operations done, I would have owned up to them.

“I have had liposuction done, and I own it.”

Speaking about her controversial TV ads and hinting at her hyper-sexual image, Mathira said:

“I think every human sees me according to the mindset they have.”

Mathira’s comments led to Ahsan Khan questioning her over whether her image was solely due to the way people think or whether she had an active role to play in forming it.

To this, Mathira responded:

“I am a wild person, I am energetic.”

“I do everything that I like because there was a time I did a lot for someone else but then I realised if you don’t love you, you won’t love the other person too, who is in front of you.”

Born to a South African father and Pakistani mother, Mathira and her sister shifted from Zimbabwe to Pakistan in 2005.

In addition to being a model and actress, Mathira has also featured in music videos.

She has also hosted a number of TV shows.

Mathira is well known for appearing in the movie Main Hoon Shahid Afridi, where she performed an item song.

She also appeared in the 2013 Punjabi film Young Malang.

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