Upasana Singh reveals why she quit The Kapil Sharma Show

Upasana Singh says that she’s still good friends with Kapil Sharma, but has only one condition for returning to work with him.

Upasana Singh reveals why she quit The Kapil Sharma Show - f

"I was happy taking jobs for money."

Former Kapil Sharma Show cast member Upasana Singh said that money is important in the life of an artist, but only up to a point.

After that, one needs to be creatively satisfied.

She cited this as one of the reasons behind her departure from The Kapil Sharma Show.

Upasana had also worked as a series regular on Comedy Nights with Kapil but said in a new interview that she quit working with the popular comedian because she didn’t have much to do.

She told Bollywood Hungama that she and Kapil Sharma are still good friends and that she has told him to call her only if he has a good role for her.

She said that she was being paid handsomely for her work on the show, but she just wasn’t happy with the work.

Upasana Singh said in Hindi: “Money is important in everyone’s life, but up to a certain point.

“But after that point, it’s the satisfaction you get from work that becomes more important.

‘When I started out, I was happy taking jobs for money, but I don’t think that way anymore.

“Now, I only want to do roles that satisfy me. This is what I also tell my producers, to give me roles that only I can do.”

She continued: “If anybody can do the role you’re offering me, then I’m not even interested in the money.

“I was doing Kapil’s show, and it was the top show for over two years. But then, there came a time when I felt like I had nothing to do anymore. I was being paid well.

“But I told Kapil that I’m no longer being challenged. I asked him to either give me the kind of roles that I had when we started or to let me go. Even today, when I talk to Kapil, this is what I tell him.

“That he should call me back only if there’s something interesting for me to do.”

Previously, in an interview with The Times of India, Upasana had said that the reason behind her departure from Kapil’s show wasn’t because she fell out with him, but because of contractual obligations.

Kapil Sharma’s show is currently on hiatus, and he’s touring with his cast members in Canada.

Upasana Singh was recently seen in the Disney+ Hotstar series Masoom.

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