Underwear for Women ~ Do you know your Size?

Buying underwear requires the same thought as buying a new dress. Certain styles will suit and flatter your shape better than others. DESIblitz explores how to buy the correct underwear, for your shape and size.

Underwear Size Guide

Wearing the wrong bra size ultimately does nothing for your bust, back, or silhouette.

What you wear underneath is now just as important as what you wear on the outside.

Lingerie has the ability to make you feel feminine, powerful and sensual.

But, get it wrong and it will make you feel anything but the aforementioned.

So how can you buy the right underwear for your size and body shape? DESIblitz has a few tips to help you find the perfect fitting underwear.

Get Measured

Bra Size

Probably not the most glamorous or thrilling of experiences. However, that black lace number will look much better in the right cup size.

Getting measured is going to maximise the comfort of your lingerie. Let’s face it ladies, there’s nothing worse than an irritable bra.

Your body shape can change over the time, especially during dieting or pregnancies. It’s therefore, essential that your lingerie is suited to your body adjustments.

Measuring Bra SizeBack measurement is another aspect that many women get wrong. Too small, and the straps will dig in and create lumps and bumps. Too big, and the bra will lose the support it’s designed to provide you with.

Department stores as well as stand-alone lingerie shops will offer and usually recommend getting measured. You wouldn’t buy a dress that didn’t fit properly, so why purchase ill-fitting lingerie?

Wearing the wrong bra size ultimately does nothing for your bust, back, or for the silhouette it creates underneath your clothes.

Your measurements in the likes of American stores such as Victoria’s Secret may vary to your UK store measurements. The American lingerie sizing differs to ours here in the UK. So if you tend to flit from shop to shop, be sure to get measured in them all.

Buy for your Shape

Body Shape

It may not always be on show, but buying underwear for your individual shape is key to maximising not only how it looks on you on its own, but how it affects the clothes you wear over the top of it. Buying the wrong bra size can leave you with lumps and bumps in all the wrong places.

For the slim figures out there, there are an abundance of options to enhance what you have in a flattering, feminine manner.

Slim figures can get away with both practical and ‘impractical’ bras. If your clothes don’t need to lay seamlessly over your underwear, invest in lingerie with frills and ruffles. This enhances your bust, looks feminine and creates a pretty change from the everyday bra.

For ‘functional’ lingerie, underwired and push up bras creates lift and boost. Both of which come in a variety of patterns and designs to suit your personal preferences.

For pear shaped figures, use your lingerie to balance out the top-heavy nature of your shape, and to draw the eyes upwards.

Similarly to slim figures, ruffles and frills flatter the pear-shaped woman. These types of bras draws attention to your bust area and away from your hips. Or, for something more functional, invest in structured or shapewear lingerie sets to help create curves in the right places.

Knicker Knowledge

Of course, it’s not just about the bra. Incorrect sizing with knickers creates lumps, lines and bumps in all the wrong areas. Here’s a quick knicker style guide:

Underwear Guide The Thong is the most revealing of them all. But the minimal coverage ultimately means no VPL (visible panty lines). Because of this, the thong is an essential underneath any body-con skirt or dress.

The medium leg line also elongates the legs. The thong is a must-have, for anyone who loves figure-hugging clothing or has a derriere to be proud of.

The Bikini style is said to be one of the most flattering on any shape. The modern, fashionable design provides a good amount of coverage, with a cheeky cut-away on the bottom.

Shorts are another great all-rounder. They offer great coverage and create a smooth silhouette. They’re an excellent choice for everyday comfort.

Full briefs provides the most coverage. Sitting above the tummy, these are a flattering option for apple-figures. Full briefs provide a smooth, supportive fit and minimises the tummy area.

Frilly bras and knickers aren’t always practical for everyday. However the same, practical boring white t-shirt bra can become dull.

Mix it up with some lace detailing on your Brazilian knickers, or patterned briefs. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid detailed bras entirely.

Ultimately, approach lingerie as you would do with clothing. Buy lingerie for special occasions, or when you want to feel sexier or more feminine and don’t need to worry about how it looks underneath a t-shirt.

Embrace your shape and invest in lingerie that flatters and enhances your figure. So many women in the UK wear the wrong size and the results are often visible. Get measured, work out how many practical and more feminine lingerie sets you need, and get shopping!

Lauren is an English Literature graduate, as well as a fashion enthusiast and blogger. Consequently, she is either always reading, or browsing online at clothes that she cannot afford! Her motto: “Nothing will work unless you do” (Maya Angelou).

Images courtesy of John Lewis and Royce Lingerie