Sex Help: Does Size really Matter to Women?

Does the size of a guy’s manhood really matter to women? Is size affected by ethnicity? Rachael McCoy, our Sexpert helps break the myths.

Sex Help: Does Size really Matter to Women?

As a guy with not lots of sexual experience I am getting paranoid – Does size really matter to women?

There are millions of men around the world that worry about their penis size.

The age old question is does size really matter? The answer – yes, to some people. No, to others. It is a completely personal opinion whether penis size matters. The same way there is no ‘right’ answer to ‘are big boobs better than small ones?’ It is a personal preference to each individual.

Does nationality play a part in a man’s manhood? Despite ‘penis size charts’ stating who (ethnically) is bigger/smaller down below, these should not be taken seriously at all. There is no scientific research that proves a specific race has a certain size of penis. It is just not possible to accurately acquire that kind of data.

The most important thing is that you like and love your penis. You have to live with it after all. It is a very sensitive sexual and reproductive organ that no matter what the size is an extraordinary body part and should be cherished and appreciated.

When speaking many women about their sexual relationships and penis size, they said that they do not want their partner to be too big. Because it can make sex painful and uncomfortable.

Speaking to men with an above average penis size revealed that sex isn’t as enjoyable for them because most women’s vaginal canals aren’t deep enough for full penetration,  so they worry that they are hurting their partner.

*For those wondering about size, according to a 2015 study of more than 15,000 men, the average dimensions for an adult penis are:

  • length: 13.12cm (5.16 inches) when erect
  • circumference: 11.66cm (4.59 inches) when erect

However, there are other things to consider. So if you find yourself under that length or girth average, fear not. Shape plays a big part to the sexual enjoyment a partner will feel. Some men feel conscious of a bend in the shape when actually this can create a very satisfying feeling during sex.

In a study, women were asked to rank in order seven penis attributes. The result ranked girth as fourth and length as sixth. Top came general appearance, the look of pubic hair and penile skin. Highlighting that size was not most important to them.

The head of the penis is also important too. Even if the length or girth isn’t as long or thick as you would like, the head of the penis can create a brilliantly satisfying feeling during intercourse. Anatomically the majority of nerve endings are in the first three inches of a woman’s vagina and the G-spot is just two inches in, so this is where she is going to feel most of the stimulation anyway. 

It’s also worth knowing that approximately 85% of women only orgasm through clitoral stimulation.

This ultimately means that penis size has no relevance to making your partner or wife orgasm if she is one of those 85% of women. It really is all about good technique and learning about what each other likes. 

So, you could have a huge penis, but if you don’t know how to use it properly, sexual relations could be dull and very uninspired for both of you. Not to sound cliché, but it is really ‘what you do with it’ is what counts to make a difference sexually, irrespective of size.

Rachael McCoy is an award-winning sex and relationship coach with a friendly, approachable, candid style of teaching which makes her clients feel relaxed and completely able to trust her. She provides 1:1 coaching for singles, couples and group master classes to inspire better sex and relationships. She can be reached on Twitter as @Rachael_ISxpert.

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Rachael McCoy is an award-winning sex and relationship coach who is driven and inspired by helping others to achieve the relationship and sex life they have always wanted.

* Source NHS UK

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