Turkish-Pakistani Channel SEE TV Launches in the UK

First ever Turkish-Pakistani channel, SEE TV, has started its transmission in the UK, jointly reflecting the cultures of both countries.

Turkish-Pakistani Channel SEE TV Launches in the UK

"It carries variety of entertainment, unique ideas with eye-catching location and creative production value."

With headquarters in Istanbul, the magical city of grand mosques, studded with minarets and domes, the Turkish-Pakistani channel SEE TV is a platform for artists from both countries, jointly representing their skills.

Turkey and Pakistan define each other as ‘brother’ country, enjoying a unique, long-standing relation, which follows from their common faith, shared history, and cultural similarities.

To further enhance relations, both countries launched the Turkish-Pakistani channel SEE TV in 2015. Since then, it has been broadcasted in Pakistan and Turkey, with the Urdu slogan: “Ik Nai Dunya,” a new world.

And now, available in the UK on Sky channel 862, the combined venture consists of cooking shows, dramas, children’s programmes, and a rather scenic morning show:

“It carries variety of entertainment, unique ideas with eye-catching location and creative production value,” as stated by SEE TV on their official Facebook.

Dubbed in Urdu, the Turkish tales have tremendously mesmerised the audiences in Pakistan. They have opened the door towards a completely unique television industry.

From the magnificent sets, striking locations, to gorgeous ladies dressed in their iconic square silk scarves and Turkish attires. They are a reflection of real societal issues, which has increasingly attracted a huge viewership across Pakistan. Though, we have yet to see whether they will have any impact on the British Asian audience. After all, Turkey is a popular holiday destination for British Asians.

This exposure to Turkish culture, through the Turkish-Pakistani channel SEE TV, is surely a different and refreshing approach.

Along with the Turkish content are the Pakistani dramas, with superb casts and gripping storylines.

Yet, it is the morning show Sunrise from Istanbul,’ that has the audience fascinated through its original segments and unique set-up. Hosted by the gorgeous model and actress, Maria Wasti, the show captures the beautiful ambience of Turkey’s Bosphorus Sea.

Set on a luxurious cruise, surrounded by the spellbinding scenery of Istanbul, the morning show offers Turkish recipes, flavours, and music.

Along with, exciting conversations with many Pakistani celebrities. From Imran Abbas and Abrar ul Haq to Maya Ali and Armeena Rana Khan, all on a journey through Istanbul.

During its programme trailers on the Turkish-Pakistani channel SEE TV, we also see a unique musical collaboration, between a Turkish band and Abrar ul Haq. As well as, an exclusive interview on the boat of Imran Khan’s wife and former BBC presenter, Reham Khan.

The Turkish-Pakistani channel SEE TV aims to celebrate the relationship between the two countries.

The service is now available on Sky channel 862.

Anam has studied English Language & Literature and Law. She has a creative eye for colour and a passion for design. She is a British-German Pakistani "Wandering Between Two Worlds."

Images Courtesy Of: Official Facebook of Sunrise from Istanbul and SEE TV.

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