How Truck Art is Influencing Design and Fashion

Pakistan’s truck art has spread beyond the decoration of trucks, taking its traditional sphere into homes, fashion, and other forms of transportation.

How Truck Art is Influencing Design and Fashion

"We have painted fans, benches and at one time a swimming pool"

Truck art, Pakistan’s artistic identity, has come a long way.

Reflecting the nation’s rich culture and heritage, this popular artwork is appealingly decorated with vibrant hues and intricate details.

From flowers and peacocks to slogans and Urdu poetry, its each eye-catching motif has been recognised far and wide.

This form of art is commonly captured at Pakistani highways, on trucks, buses and rickshaws.

Expressive of the roads liveliness, these masterpieces represent the coolest modes of transportation. Covered in storytelling and colourful themes.

Although these traditional paintings originally began on the road, they have now entered the home space.

Shaped into various dimensions and forms, these Pakistani patterns create poetic and artistic interior environments. As well as, fashion statements.

Here are 5 decorative styles of how truck art has influenced design and fashion.

Truck Art on Furniture

How Truck Art is Influencing Design and FashionA marriage of form and material.

Truck art breathes life into old wooden chairs, giving them a distinct cultural angle.

Illustratively, truck artist Haider Ali gives furniture pieces a quirky canvas.

Featuring bright expressive floral and bird designs, these chairs create a sense of place.

To compliment these colourful chairs, Haider has designed a coffee table, with a beautifully painted peacock.

Surely, the artist helps us to see his vision of preserving and promoting the truck art culture.

Check out Haider Ali’s Facebook and boost your home furnishings!

Significantly, the truck art of Pakistan has gone beyond the means of transportation. Rather, its different take on furniture has further expanded the inventive image of Pakistan.

Truck Art on Crockery and Home Accessories

How Truck Art is Influencing Design and Fashion

Another creative approach which preserves the cultural skills of Pakistan, visible through beautiful home accessories.

To celebrate the talents of Pakistani truck artists, Anjum Rana, an interior designer, and founder of Tribal Truck Art, remarkably redecorates everyday objects.

To demonstrate, Anjum assists the artists in transferring their striking designs onto teacups and saucers, trays, lanterns, vases, watering jugs and boxes.

Adorning them with vivid colour combinations, and magical imagery, Anjum has held exhibitions of these pieces across the UK, India and Pakistan.

With attention to the teacup and saucer, a feast of colour. It is a first of its kind, conveying a truck art ‘tea party’ theme.

Accordingly, these crockery pieces demonstrate how something as common as a cup of tea, can be used to create a conversation between Pakistan tea culture and its visual art.

In comparison, to the English afternoon tea party crockery, the Pakistani tea set is rather eye-catching.

A splash of colour during your teatime will add a touch of cheerfulness. With bright multicoloured designs, each cup holds its own individuality.

By connecting culture with art and home objects, Anjum has made sure that truck art is being preserved for future generations.

While speaking to the Daily Mail, Anjum says: “We paint on all rough surfaces – wood, metal, cement, porcelain and textile. We have painted fans, benches and at one time a swimming pool.

“My husband often jokes that if he stood in one position for too long, I would not hesitate in painting him too.”

Truck Art on Bags

How Truck Art is Influencing Design and Fashion

In a more recent creation, the truck art immerses the traveller onto an adventurous journey.

A wheeled travel trolley, created by the Phool Patti team, inspires cultural dialogue between countries, in an artistic form.

Explicitly, their range of patterned and funky suitcases, feature spectacular landscape scenery. With birds, flowers and tigers, each trolley tells a story of nature and loving animals. Most significantly, the key element of truck art is the Urdu poetry verse, highlighted at the top front of the suitcase.

As such, it is a: “Creative idea to travel with a True Pakistani identity,” says the Phool Patti team.

So, breeze through the airports of the world with Pakistani colours! Available in a variety of sizes, these artistic expressions can be ordered here.

On the other hand, Enigma house of fashion, a rather trendy brand of Pakistan, offers bespoke metallic truck art clutch bags.

In rectangular, boxed and basket shapes, they are a truly precious treasure, with vintage brass effects.

Decorated with multicoloured hues, and intricately etched in flower motifs, the Enigma purses are worn with a chain shoulder strap.

Defining the truly detailed characteristics of truck art, these fashion statements will match anything.

Enigma, appreciably commended for their inspirational pieces:

Farhan Masood says: “Wonderful stuff. Best of luck with your venture of promoting the truck art inspiration.”

Truck Art on Shoes


Converse shoes, with bright laces and truck art illustrations. Sounds like a funky visual statement? All in a single work of art?

This combination of movement, form, and colour is once again designed by the ever so talented team of Phool Patti.

Their creativity and imagination have turned walking shoes into sculptures of wonder.

Richly painted on leather, with an extremely intricate level of detail, truck art on these beauties will give you a jolly personality.

Moreover, stylist Wazhma Awan provides neon truck art on Peshawari Chappals, the traditional footwear of Pakistan. Neatly painted, the brush strokes appear silky and smooth.

Notably, reflective of their cultural characteristics, these sandals are both fun and comfortable. Shining bright with their decorative flair, they will amp up any outfit.

In a similar manner, Jooti Shooti presents truck art inspired Khussa shoes. A marriage of culture and art, offering fashionable comfort.

Take each step with style!

Truck Art on Helmets

How Truck Art is Influencing Design and Fashion

And, finally, truck art on helmets!

One of the most extraordinary objects, which feature the highly distinct folk art.

With show-stopping brushwork of peacock and floral motifs and vibrant colour combinations, these bike helmets will surely make your ride adventurous.

The energetic yellow coloured helmet called ‘Dil Wala,’ certainly represents the truck driver’s vision and identity.

Take a look at BikeWalay for their entire colourful inventory.

The BikeWalay say: “Make your bike rides rangeen. Surely, rango se be zayda.”

But, to fully rock these helmets, don’t you think we need a complimenting bike or scooter?

And again, Phool Patti illustrates their truck art perspectives. This time, through bikes!

See this exceptional transformation of the Vespa scooter. Perfectly labelled as, ‘Dil Dil Pakistan.’

Style on the bike! And, we are back on the road, with the most colourful explosions of Pakistani culture.

Clearly, with time, the cultural art has not lost its true essence. The symbolism continues on various objects, giving it the recognition it deserves.

This development has surely given a new source of income to its original craftsmen – the truck painters.

These talented truck art folks have transferred their talent with flying colours.

And surely, the choice of these unique objects connects with the heritage of Pakistan.

Anam has studied English Language & Literature and Law. She has a creative eye for colour and a passion for design. She is a British-German Pakistani "Wandering Between Two Worlds."

Photos Courtesy: Mahwushal, BikeWalay Truck Art Youtube Video, Turbooz, Haider Ali Facebook, Phool Patti Facebook , Enigmas Creation Instagram, Jooti Shooti instagram, Wazhma Awan Instagram and Milliyet.

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