TikToker accuses ‘Foreign-born B+ List’ Priyanka of Staging Pics

A TikToker has accused Priyanka Chopra of staging her paparazzi pictures, calling the actress a “foreign-born B+ list” star.

Priyanka of Staging Pics f

"wait for the staged paparazzi photoshoot."

A TikToker has accused Priyanka Chopra of staging her paparazzi pictures and selling them to media outlets.

In a video, a TikToker named Kyle Marisa Roth claimed Priyanka and Nick’s recent pictures from New Jersey were actually taken by her manager and sold to media outlets.

Calling Priyanka a “foreign-born B+ list actress”, Kyle said the star and her assistant tried hard to get a photographer to come and take the couple’s pictures in New Jersey without any luck.

The TikToker then showed a screenshot of the pictures that were published in the Daily Mail.

Kyle said: “Like every good PR couple, they got a spot in the Daily Mail… wait for the staged paparazzi photoshoot.

“Listen I had a client in Montclair, New Jersey. I spent so many nights in a hotel, this is emotionally damaging.

“I love how it says ‘before uploading her travel photos on Insta Story, Priyanka and Nick were spotted picking up a few items in Montclair, New Jersey’.

“No one is spotted in Montclair, New Jersey.”

The TikTok video was shared on Reddit and it received mixed responses.

Some viewers sided with the TikToker, believing Priyanka’s photos were indeed staged.

One said: “Priyanka regularly does pap walks to get attention. Nothing new. Doing it in Montclair, NJ is hilarious though. The desperation is too visible.”

However, there were many who were unhappy with the allegations, accusing the TikToker of racism.

One said: “Pap walks are nothing new but this woman expects us to believe multi-millionaire PC wants the money from selling her pap pics. I sense bitterness and racism. And fake news.

Another commented: “Ahhh I see how important it was for a white woman to make a TikTok on how a brown woman made money by selling photos (even though she is rich) and is using their poor white men for money (because of course she doesn’t have any).

“This is the micro-aggressive racism, people need to talk about. There are so many layers here.”

A third wrote: “Exactly. The money from the supposed sale of pap photos will be the tenth of money her restaurant makes in a day.

“This is blatant racism. Unfortunately nothing new in the US these days.”

One comment read: “Yes like every other actress (white as well) doesn’t do this.

“They sell pregnancy announcement photos, gender reveal photos. It’s a passive source of income. I see a proud brown woman hustling and a white woman being bitter.”

Some pointed out the TikToker’s pronunciation of Priyanka’s surname as ‘Chapra’, accusing her of making fun of the actress.

One said: “Kind of s****y on your part trying to make fun of ethnic names.”

Dismissing her accusations that Priyanka and Nick are a “PR couple”, another said:

“The way she pronounced Priyanka Chopra and the fact she calls them a PR couple despite them having a daughter and being together for years.”

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