Step into the Spectacular World of ‘Frankie Goes to Bollywood’

Experience the unforgettable premiere of ‘Frankie Goes to Bollywood’ at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre, June 11-15, 2024.

Step into the Spectacular World of ‘Frankie Goes to Bollywood’ - F

'Frankie Goes to Bollywood' offers something for everyone.

Get ready for an unforgettable theatrical experience as the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre presents the premiere of Frankie Goes to Bollywood from June 11 to 15, 2024.

This production, brought to life by the Rifco Theatre Company in collaboration with Watford Palace Theatre and HOME Manchester, is set to be the most spectacular musical yet from the creative minds of Rifco.

Frankie Goes to Bollywood follows the enchanting journey of Frankie, a young woman who unexpectedly finds herself catapulted into the dazzling world of Bollywood.

Frankie yearned for a close-knit family all her life, but a chance encounter with an up-and-coming director transforms her dreams, leading her to the heart of India’s glamorous film industry.

As she navigates the glittering path to stardom, Frankie must confront the complexities of fame and the sacrifices required to achieve her dreams.

This all-singing, all-dancing tale explores themes of belonging, ambition, and the intricate dynamics of cultural identity.

Step into the Spectacular World of ‘Frankie Goes to Bollywood’ - 1This musical promises a vibrant blend of traditional Bollywood music and the best of Western musical theatre, creating a hybrid that will captivate audiences.

Whether you love Bollywood’s colourful extravagance or are a fan of the classic West End musicals, Frankie Goes to Bollywood offers something for everyone.

The music, costumes, and choreography are crafted to transport you directly into the heart of a Bollywood film, making this production a visual and auditory feast.

Step into the Spectacular World of ‘Frankie Goes to Bollywood’ - 2Frankie Goes to Bollywood is inspired by the real-life stories of British-South Asian actors who have made their mark in the Bollywood industry.

Artistic Director Pravesh Kumar MBE, who has first-hand experience in Bollywood and British theatre, brings a deep understanding and passion to this production.

Through Frankie’s story, the musical highlights the triumphs and challenges faced by British-born actors in Bollywood, particularly focusing on the experiences of women and the cultural and societal issues they encounter.

Step into the Spectacular World of ‘Frankie Goes to Bollywood’ - 3The cast features an array of talented performers, including:

  • Laila Zaidi as Frankie, whose theatre and television credits include West Side Story and Ackley Bridge.
  • Helen K Wint as Malika/Maa, known for her roles in I Dream and various UK theatre tours.
  • Shakil Hussain as Raju King, with notable appearances in Emmerdale and Riches.
  • Gigi Zahir as Shona, a celebrated drag artist and actor.
  • Navin Kundra as Prem, an award-winning singer and actor.
  • Katie Stasi as Goldy/Raju’s Mother, a rising star with several theatre credits.

Step into the Spectacular World of ‘Frankie Goes to Bollywood’ - 4Beyond the glitz and glamour, Frankie Goes to Bollywood also tackles significant issues such as gender inequality and cultural identity.

Pravesh Kumar’s mission is to celebrate Bollywood while pushing for positive industry change.

This production aims to be both a tribute to Bollywood and a catalyst for conversations about improving the social standing of women in film.

Don’t miss this production that promises to be a feast for the senses and a powerful narrative about culture and identity.

Performances are scheduled from June 11 to 15, with evening shows at 7:30 pm and matinees on Wednesday and Saturday at 2:30 pm.

For more details and to book tickets, visit Wolverhampton Grand Theatre’s official page.

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