Pirates Capture 11 Indian Sailors nearby Somali Coast

11 Indian sailors have been captured by Somali pirates, nearby the Somali coast. Dryad Maritime say the pirates have demanded a ransom for the crew.

Pirates Capture 11 Indian Sailors Nearby Somali Coast

The navy remained "aware of the reports and we are monitoring the situation".

Pirates have hijacked a boat and captured 11 Indian sailors nearby the coast of Somalia. The incident allegedly happened on Saturday 1st April 2017.

Dryad Maritime, a shipping security company, told The Associated Press that they believe the vessel sailed between the Somali coast and Yemen’s Socotra Island. They also claim that the pirates will take the boat and the 11 Indian sailors to northern Somalia.

Reports also say that the pirates have demanded a ransom for the captured crew.

Investigators revealed the news on Monday 3rd April 2017. However, reports conflict over the boat’s original destination. Initial thoughts believed the boat would head from Dubai to Somalia.

Malini Shankar, from the Indian Directorate General of Shipping, suggested that the 11 Indian sailors planned to travel to Yemen. Meanwhile, other reports say the crew planned to head to Mukalla.

Reports also say not much remains known about the vessel. Named either MV Al Kausar or the MV Al Kaushar, it wasn’t first known what cargo the boat carried or who owned it.

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs did not confirm any of the theories. But they said they are gathering information on the attack.

A spokesperson for the US Navy’s 5th Fleet in Bahrain has also commented on the situation. Lt. Ian McConnaughey said the navy remained “aware of the reports and we are monitoring the situation”.

Somali pirates became a massive threat to the shipping industry some years ago. But cases like this reduced until recently. Frustrated local fishermen claim illegal fishing around the Somali coast has increased.

These attitudes may explain the recent increase in Somali piracy. In March 2017, an oil tanker became seized by Somli pirates. A capture like this hasn’t been seen since 2012. Also, pirates hijacked a fishing trawler at a later date in March.

Dryad Maritime have grown concerned over the three attacks and suspect they may be “a warning of a growing problem”.

Many will now hope that the Indian Ministry of External Affair will release more information on the situation. And hopefully, they will save the 11 Indian sailors.

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