Pakistani TV Star Ghana Ali trolled for Marrying Millionaire

Pakistani TV actress Ghana Ali got married to a millionaire, however, netizens trolled the marriage for numerous reasons.

Pakistani TV Star Ghana Ali trolled for Marrying Millionaire f

“I thought it’s her chacha or uncle.”

Pakistani actress Ghana Ali was trolled for her marriage to a Karachi-based millionaire.

Ghana has worked in numerous TV shows like Shaya Deewar Nahi, Sun Yara and Chhoti Chhoti Baatein.

She has also starred in several Pakistani films like Rangreza.

Ghana has now tied the knot in an intimate ceremony. She had previously shared glimpses of her pre-wedding festivities.

For her wedding, Ghana opted for a grey ensemble with her hair neatly tied back. She also sported minimal jewellery and smoky makeup.

Her new husband is reported to be a millionaire from Karachi named Umair.

Pakistani TV Star Ghana Ali trolled for Marrying Millionaire

Pictures of the ceremony circulated on social media and it led to a wave of comments.

Many wished the couple a happy married life. However, some took the opportunity to troll Ghana.

A lot of social media users commented on her husband’s appearance, saying he looked too old for her.

One person wrote: “I thought it’s her chacha or uncle.”

This prompted Ghana to call out the troll, telling her not to talk about her husband.

She replied: “Aunty bol lu but don’t say anything about my husband! Please it’s a request.”

Others made weight-related jibes towards Umair.

However, the trolling took a serious turn when one user on Facebook claimed that Umair was already married with a son and that he had an affair with Ghana Ali.

Pakistani TV Star Ghana Ali trolled for Marrying Millionaire 2

Syed Ubaid made the shocking claims and also posted pictures of Umair with another woman who is said to be his wife.

He wrote:

“It is really shocking and appalling to see what rich powerful men of our society are capable of doing!”

“The so-called millionaire boss of Karachi Mr Umair can be seen below with his wife and son and how within 2 months his wife’s world came crashing down when he started an affair with the famous actress Ghana Ali!

“Pictures are circulating today of Umairs marriage with Ghana Ali over the internet whereas his first wife and son had no idea this was going on.

“Is It even legal to marry a second wife without leaving the first?”

Following Syed’s allegations, some Facebook users began calling Ghana a “homewrecker” for marrying a man who already had a wife and a son.

Others began asking if the claims were true.

It was reported that Umair has been married for five years.

After Syed’s claims came to light, Ghana has not responded to the matter.

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