Pakistani Man kills Wife & Baby and Sleeps Next to Them

In a shocking incident, a Pakistani man from Rawalpindi killed his wife and baby daughter before sleeping next to their bodies for days.

Pakistani Man kills Wife & Baby and Sleeps Next to Them f

Inside, they saw the decomposing body

Police have arrested a Pakistani man after he killed his wife and baby daughter. The shocking incident happened in Naseerabad, Rawalpindi.

It was revealed that the accused worked for the government. He was identified as Mujahid Ali.

Following his arrest, he confessed to killing his wife and daughter. Ali said he strangled his wife to death and continued to sleep next to her body for days before killing his daughter too.

According to police, Ali committed the double murder so that he could remarry.

Ali continued to stay with the bodies for several days, however, when the smell became unbearable, he told his family that his wife and 18-month-old daughter had died due to a gas leak and will have to bury the bodies.

To avoid suspicion, Ali admitted himself to hospital and claimed he had contracted Covid-19.

Suspicions arose when Ali’s father-in-law, Muhammad Ashfaq, filed a police complaint. He said that he has not been able to get in touch with Hina since January 3, 2021.

He tried to contact Ali but his phone was off.

Muhammad explained that the Pakistani man and his daughter have been married since 2015.

He travelled to Rawalpindi out of concern. When he reached Ali’s house, he saw lots of people gathered outside.

Muhammad then called the police. Officers arrived at the scene and went into the house. Inside, they saw the decomposing body of Hina lying on the bed.

The child, Ananya, was discovered on a bed in another room.

Despite Ali’s claims that they had suffocated to death due to a gas leak, police believed he was lying due to the bodies being in different rooms.

In addition, police spotted signs of torture on Hina’s body as there were visible bruises on her arms and legs.

Police arrested Ali and during questioning, he confessed to murdering them so that he could marry another woman.

Following his confession, Ali was detained. A further investigation is underway.

In another case of a husband murdering a wife, an Indian man killed his wife before taking his own life.

Yogesh and his wife Kavita had been having issues in their marriage for approximately five years.

According to her father Santosh, Kavita was annoyed at her husband over his alcoholism as well as his regular habit of inviting his friends over for drinks.

Another issue in their marriage was the fact that Kavita was a real estate agent while Yogesh was unemployed.

Santosh revealed that the last time he spoke to his daughter was on May 2, 2020, when he called to wish her a happy birthday.

The next day, Santosh tried to phone his daughter but her phone was switched off. He then called Yogesh who claimed that she had gone to Parel with a friend.

Santosh immediately knew something was wrong as the lockdown rules prevented anyone from travelling.

On May 4, Santosh received a phone call saying that Yogesh had taken his own life and that Kavita’s body was found in the bathroom.

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