Pakistani Cricketer hit his Wife with Bat and made her drink Bleach

A Pakistani cricketer abused his wife by hitting her with a bat and forcing her to drink bleach. However, he has been spared jail despite these claims.

Pakistani Cricketer hit his Wife with Bat and made her drink Bleach

"If I hit you with this bat with my full power then you would be dead."

A Pakistani cricketer spared jail, after a judge heard how he hit his wife with a bat and even forced her to drink bleach.

The judge spared 34-year-old Mustafa Bahir, as he remained unconvinced that wife Fahkara Karim appeared “vulnerable”.

However, the judge landed Mustafa with a restraining order against his wife and a fine of £1,000.

Manchester Crown Court heard how Mustafa abused his wife, by slapping her and choking her by the neck. He reportedly also disagreed with her choice of Western clothes and made attempts to turn her family against her.

Reports also say he dubbed Fakhara as an “English slag”.

The prosecutor explained the details of the physical abuse, the Pakistani cricketer placed on Fakhara. On New Year’s Eve 2014, Mustafa snatched her phone and ended up breaking her fingers, making her go unconscious.

When she woke up, Fakhara begged him to leave her alone. However, he had other plans.

Roger Brown, the prosecutor, said: “He grabbed a cricket bat that was in the bathroom and [hit] her over the back with it. She recalls feeling a sharp pain.

“He said to her ‘If I hit you with this bat with my full power then you would be dead’. He went into the hall and she took the opportunity to call 999.”

The court also heard how, in April 2014, they had an argument on a day trip to Rochdale Lake. When they got home, the Pakistani cricketer turned abusive:

“He took her into the bathroom where he grabbed a bottle of bleach and he made her drink the bleach so she would kill herself. She spat that out as she was unable to swallow it.”

Roger Brown also revealed how Mustafa allegedly said to his wife: “I want you to kill yourself.”

The Pakistani couple met in Pakistan and eventually married in 2013.

During the trial, Fakhara made a statement to reveal the aftermath of the physical abuse. She claimed that her confidence dropped and she struggled with her university degree, while married to the Pakistani cricketer.

However, the judge gave the shock, by the ruling of sparing Mustafa jail. The judge revealed: “She is plainly an intelligent woman with a network of friends and did go on to graduate university with a 2:1 and masters – although this had an ongoing effect on her.”

He also added: “With regard to the mitigating factors I am not convinced of your remorse for her, but you are sorry for the position you find yourself in over the last two years.”

Domestic violence charities appeared outraged with the decision. They said: “What a woman does for a job, her level of education or the number of friends she has makes no difference; for any woman, domestic violence is a devastating crime that has severe and long-lasting impacts.”

Rumours had also surfaced that, Leicestershire County Cricket Club would offer the Pakistani cricketer a contract if avoided jail.

However, they released a statement to refute the claims.

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