Nora Fatehi ‘Storms Out’ of meeting with Malaika Arora

On an episode of ‘Moving In With Malaika’, Nora Fatehi had a meeting with the host but ended up storming out, seemingly upset with her.

Nora Fatehi 'Storms Out' of meeting with Malaika Arora f

"I felt she was a ‘blow hot, blow cold’ kind of a person.”

Nora Fatehi was seemingly not too happy with Malaika Arora and angrily walked out of a meeting with her.

Malaika shared a teaser of her show Moving In With Malaika and she was seen hanging out with Karan Johar and Nora Fatehi.

In the clip, Malaika welcomed Karan to her house. As soon as he sits on her sofa, he begins quizzing her.

Karan asks: “How does it feel when you’re a** is such a big topic of discussion?”

She responds: “Are you serious?”

Karan goes on to ask Malaika about who is currently on her “thirst trap”.

He quickly moves on to: “When are you getting married?”

When she hears this, Malaika shouts at him and jokingly says:

“Okay bye Karan, you go. This is my couch, not even your couch.”

The clip moves on to Nora Fatehi meeting Malaika for a brainstorming session. Choreographer Terence Lewis was also at the meeting.

Malaika talks to the camera and admits she has mixed feelings about Nora, saying:

“I worked with her a couple of times. I felt she was a ‘blow hot, blow cold’ kind of a person.”

Terence pitched an idea of Malaika and Nora dancing to ‘Chaiyaa Chaiyya’ from Dil Se. But Nora seems unconvinced and shakes her head.

She then says: “I have to give value to myself too you know.”

Seemingly upset, Nora says: “Thank you guys, bye.”

She then walks off. While Terence calls after her, Malaika fans herself with her hand.


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The caption read: “This week, spill some beans and get set to go personal, real personal with me!”

Despite the apparent drama between Malaika and Nora, some fans were unconvinced that it was real.

One said: “Malaika you can do better. All this looks so fake. You worked hard to get where you are today.

“If you are saying you are real, mean it.”

Another commented: “But don’t show us scripted stuff. Keep it real! Anyways two beautiful and hot women can never be on good terms. The jealousy factor will always be there.”

A third wrote:

“Nora… You are not good at acting… Don’t act.”

One comment read: “Looking so scripted and fake.”

Moving In With Malaika is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

Speaking about the show, Malaika said:

“I want the show to be aspirational. It’s not cheap feeding fodder, and is not gossipy.

“I just wanted to talk about things we haven’t been able to talk about.

“People perceive me to be a diva, but there is a side to me that’s chill.”

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