Nora Fatehi hits out at Fashion Brand for using Deepfake

Nora Fatehi hit out at a fashion brand for appearing to include a deepfake of her for an advertising campaign.

Nora Fatehi hits out at Fashion Brand for using Deepfake f

“Shocked!! This is not me!”

Nora Fatehi was left angry after a fashion brand’s advert appeared to include a deepfake of her.

Lulumelon India had been advertising an end-of-season sale and in the clip, a woman resembling Nora is onscreen.

Wearing a purple dress, ‘Nora’ says:

“Fashion won’t ever be the same again.”

Stating that the end-of-season sale is live, the advert showcases discounts on both men’s and women’s clothes.

The deepfaked Nora says: “The biggest offers and the baddest styles.

“Don’t miss out and grab your fit now.

“Hurry up and get shopping at Lulumelon’s end-of-season sale.”

Nora Fatehi hits out at Fashion Brand for using Deepfake

Throughout the advert, the digitally altered woman mimics Nora’s hand gestures.

However, it is evident that the woman in the advert is not Nora Fatehi as the woman speaks with an Indian accent whereas Nora has a Canadian accent.

Unnatural movements on the face such as movements with her eyebrows, mouth and dimples not looking consistent, are also a sign.

An angry Nora raised the alarm on her Instagram Story and clarified that the woman in the video is not her.

She wrote: “Shocked!! This is not me!”

Nora also branded the video “fake”.

In recent months, several Bollywood celebrities have fallen victim to deepfakes.


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The likes of Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt have witnessed deepfake versions of themselves circulate on social media.

The most high-profile incident involved Rashmika Mandanna when a woman wearing a tight-fitting unitard entered a lift. Rashmika’s face was superimposed onto the woman’s body.

After a case was registered, a 24-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of creating the deepfake.

During questioning, Eemani Naveen said he created the fake video in a bid to gain more Instagram followers.

Naveen said he was a fan of the actress.

But after the deepfake went viral and sparked controversy, he became scared and deleted the post.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, IFSO Unit, Hemant Tiwari said:

“Later when he realised that it became a national sensation. He also saw tweets from famous film stars against the said deepfake video.

“He got scared and deleted the said posts from the Instagram channel and also changed the name of his Insta channel.”

“He had also deleted the relevant digital data from his devices.”

Meanwhile, Rashmika thanked the police for arresting the suspect.

On her Instagram Story, she posted:

“Thank you for apprehending those responsible.

“Feeling truly grateful for the community that embraces me with love, support and shields me.

“Girls and boys – if your image is used or morphed anywhere without your consent. It is wrong!

“And I hope this is a reminder that you are surrounded by people who will support you and action will be taken.”

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