Karan Johar reveals Messy ‘Mile High Club’ Incident

Karan Johar revealed an incident in which he almost joined the ‘mile high club’, however, it proved to be “messy”.

Karan Johar reveals Messy 'Mile High Club' Incident f

"I also nearly got caught so it was a bit of a messy scenario."

On Koffee With Karan, Karan Johar revealed that he almost had sex on a plane but “nearly got caught”.

The filmmaker made the revelation to his guests Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon.

During the show’s Rapid Fire round, Karan asked Tiger:

“The weirdest place you have made out at is?”

Tiger replied: “I mean it’s not weird but I thought it was pretty adventurous of me, up in the air.”

Karan then spoke about one failed tryst he had.

He said: “Oh! Mile High Club? You are a member.

“I don’t know how people do it. We will chat after the show.

“There was an endeavour made but, you know I’m a big boy, the tiny loo wasn’t big enough.

“No, with my luck I also nearly got caught so it was a bit of a messy scenario.”

During the show, Karan grilled Kriti about who she would not date.

She revealed: “I wouldn’t date Tiger, he flips too much.”

Kriti clarified that it is because “he does somersaults and flips”.

She also said that she would never date Kartik Aaryan.

“I know him well and would not date him for the same reason.”

Karan Johar previously spoke about his regrets. He said:

“I wish I’d focused on my personal life a little more. I don’t think I have done that.

“As a parent, I feel very fulfilled today.

“And thank God I took that step, and I think I took that step five years too late. I wish I had done that even earlier.”

“But I feel that in all this relationship building, producer building, studio building, I let myself take a back seat in my personal life.

“The bigger regret I have is that I didn’t give that part of my life the importance that I think that it deserved at a certain point in time and now, I think it might be too late.

“I think it’s perhaps too late for me to now find a life partner, and go to the mountains for a quiet holiday with or kind of have someone hold my hand at times.

“I think what a life partner does for you – a parent, a child, can never fulfil that aspect.

“I think that is reserved for your soulmate, your life partner, your relationship, or romance, or whatever it might be… I don’t have that.

“That’s a vacant spot in my life and that’s my deepest regret.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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