Karachi goes Crazy for Barbie as Fans dress in Pink

Karachi’s vibrant cinemas witness a pink spectacle as fans celebrate the release of Barbie, sparking debates on feminism and equality.

Karachi goes Crazy for Barbie as Fans dress in Pink

"We wore pink to celebrate femininity"

Karachi cinemas became a sea of pink as movie enthusiasts gathered to watch the new Barbie movie.

Men and women both dressed in pink to watch the latest release and stated that it was their tribute to the film.

Barbie is proving popular with its audience, with some marvelling at the positive messages the film has to offer.

However, some people argue that the film is heavily based on feminism and almost shows a bullying nature towards men.

34-year-old stylist Faiz Rohani came to the cinema dressed in a pink shirt.

Speaking about the movie Faiz said:

“We wore pink to give tribute to ‘Barbie’. It’s an experience.

“I don’t identify colours with genders, so wearing pink is not a big deal for me.

“This movie has given courage to a lot of people that they can wear what they want.”

Karachi goes Crazy for Barbie as Fans dress in Pink

Faiz revealed that when he went to watch the film, he came across a number of men who were dressed in crop tops, low-rise jeans, and makeup to watch the film.

He stated:

“There were guys wearing suits as well, associating themselves with Ken.”

He also revealed that he planned to watch the movie again.

Faiz’s mother was also at the cinema to watch the movie. Speaking of their pink outfits she said:

“We decided to wear pink out of excitement as it’s the official Barbie colour. We liked the movie as we could connect with the characters.

“It was a very fashionable movie, full of colours. The songs were nice.”

19-year-old Ghania Firdous grouped with her friends to watch the film, and contrary to the opinions that it was a feminist movie, she was in disagreement with the statement.

Sharing her thoughts, Ghania said:

“People called it a big feminist movie. The film really showed the importance of men and women both.

“It showed actual equality. [Barbie] also showed the themes of life such as existential crisis. It was awesome.

“We were so excited about the movie and we wore pink to celebrate femininity.”

Meeran Laiq also came to the cinema dressed in pink on the same day the movie was released and sang praises for the popular release. He said:

“It’s about the theme. It’s a movie about dolls for starters.

“It’s not a movie shoving feminism down anyone’s throat. It’s a nice family film.

“It’s really enjoyable and I laughed a lot.”

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