Kangana Ranaut trolled for Comparing herself to SRK

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is the victim of online trolling once again, for comparing herself to established actor Shah Rukh Khan.

Kangana Ranaut trolled for Comparing herself to SRK f

"you didn’t study because you wanted fame"

Kangana Ranaut has been the victim of online trolling on more than one occasion.

Now, she is again on the receiving end of ridicule for comparing herself to established actor Shah Rukh Khan.

Ranaut has compared herself to multiple big names in the past, including the likes of Hollywood royalty Meryl Streep and Gal Gadot.

She has previously referred to herself as the best actress on the planet and has even claimed to be a better stunt performer than Tom Cruise.

However, more recently, Ranaut has drawn comparisons between her and Shah Rukh Khan, calling her 15-year Bollywood career one of the “biggest success stories ever”.

The actress made the claims on Twitter, prompting major backlash as a result.

Ranaut compares her success story to SRK’s, highlighting that he received a good education and came from a family involved in film.

However, she believes her own “battle” into the Bollywood industry to be much more significant.

Her tweets came on April 28, 2021.

Ranaut said:

“15 years ago Gangster released today, Shahrukh Khan ji and mine are the biggest success stories ever but SRK was from Delhi, convent educated and his parents were involved in films.

“I did not know a single word of English, no education, came from a remote village of HP and every step was a battle starting with my own father and grandfather, who made my life miserable.

“And yet 15 years later after so much success still every day is a fight for survival but totally worth it, thank you everyone #15yearsofgangster.”

The actress’s tweet also included two images of her taken 15 years apart, commemorating her lengthy stint in the Bollywood industry.

Netizens have been trolling Kangana Ranaut since her tweet went public.

One user said: “You don’t even deserve taking ur name in a same flow with Shah Rukh Khan.”

Another criticised Ranaut’s fame-hungry attitude, saying:

“Kuch bhi… Shahrukh touched the sky.

“Your success story goes from ground to ceiling fan and then full speed in the dustbin.

“Sanghi, you didn’t study because you wanted fame at any cost.

“Like now. Jobless and hopeless, but the urge for fame is making you write cr*p on twitter.”

However, others mocked her for her supposed inferiority to Shah Rukh Khan with a series of comparable images:

On the work front, Kangana Ranaut’s next on-screen appearance will be in Thalaivi.

The Bollywood biopic’s original release date was April 23, 2021. However, it has been postponed due to India’s second wave of Covid-19.

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Images courtesy of Kangana Ranaut and Shah Rukh Khan Instagram

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