Kabir Bedi opens up on ‘intense’ relationship with Parveen Babi

Ahead of his autobiography’s release, Kabir Bedi opened up about his “intense” relationship with Parveen Babi.

Kabir Bedi opens up on 'intense' relationship with Parveen Babi f

"her problems could have begun in childhood"

Kabir Bedi has opened up about his “intense” relationship with the late Parveen Babi.

He is set to release his autobiography, Stories I Must Tell: The Emotional Journey of an Actor.

In the book, Kabir talks about his acting journey as well as his personal relationships.

He also details his relationship with Parveen Babi and her mental health. She was believed to have been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, however, she regularly denied it.

In an interview, he spoke about the two factors.

Kabir explained: “When you love somebody, you want to take care of them.

“I realised late there were problems and I wanted to be her protector.

“I mentioned that her problems could have begun in childhood because she used to see spirits in the monuments around the house that were related to her family’s history.”

Kabir went on to say that on one occasion, her mother told filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt that her father used to be like that.

This made Kabir wonder if Parveen’s mental health problems were hereditary.

He told Bollywood Hungama: “The third instance which you mentioned is that during the riots in Ahmedabad, the matron or the warden of the college put all the Muslim girls of the college in the back of a truck and put mattresses over them, and that was where she had her first panic attack.

“That too was probably the first manifestation of panic attack we knew about.

“It could have happened earlier, but it is the one we knew about.”

Kabir and Parveen separated and she left India. Parveen returned but what “hurt” Kabir the most was the false things written about him.

He said: “What hurt me the most when Parveen and I separated and she came back to India, I don’t want to give away this but I had other hopes from her and hopes to help her.

“But she left and came back for reasons of her own which is detailed in the book.

“But the entire Indian press made it out to be that I had shattered her emotionally and therefore she had gone crazy.

“Terrible things were written about me. I didn’t counter it at that time.”

“I knew she was coming back to Bombay to rebuild her career.

“She had left India with me and people were upset. So she had to rebuild her career. I let people say what they had to say. I let Parveen rebuild her career.

“Five years later I gave an interview to Stardust where I clarified what actually happened. I didn’t say anything after that, no matter what people said.”

Kabir Bedi stated that his book reveals the truth about their relationship as well as what happened after they split up.

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