Mahira Khan pays tribute to Parveen Babi

Mahira Khan paid tribute to the late Parveen Babi in a glamorous sari. Mahira even showed off a few dance moves.

Mahira Khan pays tribute to Parveen Babi f

"Two stars, two different eras, the same iconic glamour.”

Mahira Khan has posted a video on Instagram where she pays tribute to the late Bollywood icon Parveen Babi.

Despite suffering a foot injury, Mahira has made a praiseworthy effort to recreate Parveen Babi’s look, including her signature hairstyle as she parades in an elegant pink sari.

She shared snippets of the shoot on Instagram stories and said:

“This was a tough shoot, my first since my foot injury, (three fractures in my right foot to be precise).

“I could not move much and I hated it. The team was so loving and caring.”

In another story, Mahira is seen posing for the camera as she shows off her new hairstyle and tagged her hairstylist before saying:

“Cut my hair right before the shoot because I knew that we needed that for the Parveen Babi look. Your hands are magic.”

As the video progresses, fans see Mahira dressed in a vintage-styled outfit as she stands close to a projector screen which plays a selection of Parveen Babi’s songs.

Mahira teamed up with Muse Luxe to pay tribute to the Bollywood actress and the caption read:

“The divine Mahira Khan pays homage to the eternal allure of screen siren Parveen Babi.

“Two stars, two different eras, the same iconic glamour.”

The comment section was full of love for Mahira as fans said they had never seen her in such a light before.

One comment read: “Wow! I have never seen Mahira act or deliver this gracefully before.

“There has always been something lacking previously. This is simply stunning.”

Another said: “Omg, Mahira, Parveen Babi, that music and an absolutely gorgeous ensemble. WHAT AN AD!”

A third added: “This is the best directed and planned fashion video I’ve seen in a long time.”


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In a short interview clip, Mahira spoke about why she chose to pay tribute to Parveen Babi and recalled the time she saw her on a Time magazine cover.

“So I remember seeing this Time magazine cover and it had the gorgeous Parveen Babi on it.”

“It’s because of that cover that I actually watched her films. Some of her songs I just love. She was so beautiful, such a style icon.”

Mahira Khan’s tribute is a celebration of her versatility within the showbiz industry and shows a side of her that showcases her love of Bollywood.

Her reenactment of a Bollywood legend is an observance of the impact Parveen Babi had not only on the big screen but amongst her fans too.

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