Isha Koppikar felt ‘Uncomfortable’ romancing Older Stars

Isha Koppikar spoke about her early Bollywood career and admitted feeling “uncomfortable” romancing older actors onscreen.

Isha Koppikar recalls feeling 'Uncomfortable' romancing Older Stars f

"you feel like you are hugging your father"

Isha Koppikar opened up about the challenges she faced in Bollywood.

She highlighted her discomfort while starring opposite older actors due to the age gap between the lead couple.

In an interview with Siddharth Kannan, Isha admitted that at times, romancing older stars onscreen felt like “hugging your father”.

While recalling her experience in Bollywood, Isha said:

“You do feel uncomfortable when you work with someone 30 or 20 years older than you.

“I felt uncomfortable when I was working with elderly heroes.

“You don’t get the feeling like you are hugging your partner or lover, you feel like you are hugging your father. I used to feel that. I was new, I thought this was the norm.

“You are an actor; you focus on your part and forget they are elderly.

“You wouldn’t feel cringe with everyone, some of them had maintained themselves very well and wouldn’t look their age, but some obviously had that air and demeanour of a senior, due to age and experience in the industry.”

Isha went on to highlight that cinemagoers have commented about such age gaps.

She continued: “They should understand what they look like and accordingly play the part.

“I hope this changes, because the audience is not foolish.

“I have seen them in theatres saying, ‘He looks so foolish, sitting at home and romancing a girl of his daughter’s age’.

“They say this bluntly, which is the truth. Because of social media, everyone knows this.”

Isha Koppikar also shared a horrific casting couch incident when she was just 18 years old.

She recalled: “I was 18 when a secretary and an actor approached me for casting couch.

“They told me that to get work, you have to be ‘friendly’ with actors.”

“I am very friendly, but what does ‘friendly’ mean?

“I am so friendly that Ekta Kapoor once told me to have some attitude.”

Mentioning another incident, Isha shared:

“One actor asked me to meet him alone, without my driver or anyone else, because there were rumours about him being involved with other actresses.

“He said, ‘There are already controversies about me, and the staff spreads rumours’.

“But I refused him and told him that I couldn’t come alone. He was an A-list actor from the Hindi film industry. I must be around 22-23 years old at that time.”

She added that many men touched her inappropriately and she was told to be friendly with actors in a sleazy manner.

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