Is a Sequel to ‘Fighter’ on the Way?

Since its recent release, ‘Fighter’ has had a great response. Director Siddharth Anand was asked about its sequel. Find out what he said.

Is a Sequel to 'Fighter' on the Way_ - f

"We have some great ideas."

Hrithik Roshan’s Fighter has had a marvellous response at the box office and from fans.

The film tells the story of Shamsher ‘Patty’ Pathania (Hrithik Roshan) and Minal ‘Minni’ Rathore (Deepika Padukone).

Touted as Bollywood’s first aerial-adventure film, the movie is filled with thrilling action in the skies.

The characters face dangerous missions under the guidance of Rakesh ‘Rocky’ Jai Singh (Anil Kapoor).

Fighter may have only hit cinemas recently, but director Siddharth Anand was asked about a potential sequel to the extravaganza.

The filmmaker explained: “I think the love of the audience will decide what we will do.

“We would love to make Fighter 2 a larger story.

“We have some great ideas that we want to put it down to.”

However, Siddharth also delved into his uncertainty about getting comfortable.

He said: “I’m probably one of the few directors who has not made a sequel yet.

“Every director in this country or rather one of the top directors of the country has all made sequels.

“There is no director who has not made a sequel.

“So, I am probably the one who has not made a sequel, and I am refraining from that. I don’t want to make sequels yet.

“I want to keep creating new characters and new stories.

“Otherwise, what happens is there is a certain comfort zone in the sequels.

“You start relying on the nostalgia and try to match that. That’s where my stagnation will happen.

“That’s where I will stagnate. I feel that I may be wrong, but I want to just keep challenging myself.

“Sequel, I feel is a very comfort space and I don’t want to get comfortable right now.”

A sequel to Siddharth’s action film War (2019) is currently in production. However, it will be helmed by Ayan Mukerji this time.

Siddharth was recently also asked about the comparisons of Fighter with Tom Cruise’s blockbuster Top Gun franchise.

He responded: “I think it is inevitable. As a filmmaker, you have to be prepared for it.

“If you are making a film on planes, they will call it Top Gun, because they have no reference point.

“We need to start looking at our films with a little bit more respect and not constantly believe that things are being ripped off.”

Fighter was released on January 25, 2024. It has currently earned over Rs. 199 crores (£17 million).

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Images courtesy of The Quint.

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