Alyy Khan thinks Pakistani Actors are Appreciated more in India

During an interview, Alyy Khan said Pakistani actors are appreciated more in India than they are in their own country.

Alyy Khan thinks Pakistani Actors are Appreciated more in India f

“Pakistan’s public doesn’t support its people very easily."

During an interview, Alyy Khan voiced his opinion about the entertainment industry in both India and Pakistan.

Alyy recently appeared in the Netflix comedy film The Archies and was congratulated on his performance.

He spoke about his career and revealed:

“I began my career in India, and whatever respect I earned in my career started from there.

“When I started working in Pakistan, I was already in a ‘nearly famous’ category.

“I didn’t have to face some of the problems that Pakistani actors do.

“Pakistan’s public doesn’t support its people very easily. When actors go to India and they’re praised there, suddenly their value increases.”

Alyy also delved into the comparison between Bollywood and Lollywood, shedding light on issues such as budgets and exposure.

He cited the Bollywood movie Bheja Fry and pointed out that although the film was made on a fairly small budget, it became a success due to its promotion.

Alyy went on to say that even though Pakistani films were made with an exceptional budget, they lacked professionalism.

Explaining his theory, Alyy said: “In Pakistan, you go to a commercial shoot and the budgets are high.

“They want to shoot in magic light, and you arrive on set on time, but the way people work is still as loosely as it used to be.

“You can forget all about the magic light. The actual work isn’t happening the way it should happen.”

He stated that to end the lack of professionalism there should be a demand for trained artists and that the industry would continue to suffer until the matter was looked into seriously.

The actor went on to talk about the amount of days it took for filming and said it often lasted for up to 50 days, which as a result clashed with other projects because of regular delays.

Alyy recalled the time he worked in India and how he had to regularly fly back and forth between there and Pakistan so that he could meet his work commitments.

Alyy Khan is a well-established actor and has worked in many popular drama serials such as Saat Pardon Main, Do Qadam Duur Thay, Mohabbat Aag Si, Bojh, Mere Humsafar and Hadsa.

He was applauded for his role in Pakeezah where he played Jibran, an angry and dominating husband who subjects his wife Pakeezah (Aamina Sheikh) to domestic abuse when she embarks on a successful art career.

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