Alyy Khan defends Suhana Khan over ‘The Archies’ Trolling

Since the release of ‘The Archies’, Suhana Khan has been subjected to trolling. Alyy Khan stated that she does not deserve it.

Alyy Khan defends Suhana Khan over 'The Archies' Trolling f

"I think it’s mean, it’s nasty, it’s hatemongers all over the world."

While giving his opinion on The Archies, Alyy Khan stated that Suhana Khan does not deserve the trolling she is receiving for her performance in the Netflix film.

Alyy, who plays Hiram Lodge in The Archies, shared his experience of working on the film and with Bollywood star kids.

He said: “I guess when they were casting it my name must have come up, and then the casting director called me, with whom I’ve worked before.”

Alyy spoke of the Bollywood children Agastya Nanda, Suhana Khan and Khushi Kapoor and detailed their time on set.

“You’re in an ensemble cast, everyone’s playing a character.

“You could be whoever you are but at that moment, you’re the character, not that person.

“It was very casual. There was great camaraderie. It’s all like one big family. Everyone was just normal.”

He also mentioned that the young actors worked extremely hard, remaining dedicated and professional during their time on set.

Suhana has been subjected to trolling since the release of her debut film.

Alyy Khan defended Suhana and expressed disappointment in the viewers’ behaviour.

He told The Express Tribune:

“All the hate that’s coming Suhana’s way – it’s not her fault that she’s Shah Rukh’s kid.

“She shouldn’t be embarrassed about it. But did Suhana throw a tantrum? Did she throw a strop?

“Did she ever make you feel like she was Shah Rukh Khan’s kid? Never.

“She was the loveliest, the friendliest, the most hardworking. There was no attitude from anyone.

“I think it’s in really bad taste. I think it’s mean, it’s nasty, it’s hatemongers all over the world. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, opinions are free.

“I think everyone was cast purely on merit, and I think everyone is fantastic in their bits.

“No one looks like a newbie, no one looks awkward, and everyone has delivered their part more than perfectly well I think.

“In every single field, a doctor wants his son to be a doctor.

“So obviously, when you come from a renowned star family and you’ve grown up all your life, your friends and your parent’s friends and their kids, are pretty much going to follow in your parent’s footsteps.

“At the end of the day, Shah Rukh Khan has created an empire called Red Chillies Entertainment. Who is he going to leave to if not his kids?

“And why shouldn’t his kids inherit it and why shouldn’t his kids be interested in taking it forward?

“I’ve been in the business, I’ve not come from a conventional film family, but I don’t hold that as a grudge against anyone who does. Good luck to you, boss. Everyone brings their destiny.”

Alyy felt The Archies was a good film without the melodrama of a typical Bollywood movie, calling it elegant and mature.

He added: “Anyone who hasn’t seen it, especially the younger people – our generation will see it because we’ve all identified with The Archies and read it.

“But I encourage people our age to make their kids sit down and watch it because I think it’s a feel-good watch.

“It’s got some important messages that the generation of today needs to be exposed to.”

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