Juggan Kazim thinks Divorce is the ‘Easy Way Out’

In a recent interview, Juggan Kazim deemed divorce an ”easy way out“. She claimed people give up on their marriages without putting effort.

Juggan Kazim thinks Divorce is the ‘Easy Way Out’ f

“Divorce breaks you every time it happens.”

Juggan Kazim has recently shared her stance on marriage and divorce and it has stirred some mixed responses.

Her journey has been marked by various trials. She navigated through the challenges of a difficult marriage and eventually found solace in a harmonious second union.

Juggan, known for her openness, doesn’t shy away from sharing her life experiences.

In a candid conversation with Masarrat Misbah, Juggan emphasised the increasing prevalence of divorce among younger couples,

She asserted that it shouldn’t be stigmatised. Drawing from personal experience, she likened divorce to shattered glass.

Juggan said: “I’ve experienced divorce. It’s like broken glass inside you, that no matter how much you try fixing, the cracks remain.

“Divorce breaks you every time it happens.

“Give it your everything, and if doesn’t work, then take separation.”

She shared her viewpoint on divorce and marriage in light of her religious beliefs.

“Don’t attach a stigma to divorce. While divorce is permissible, it is not viewed as something good. It has repercussions on those directly involved and their families.

“In earlier times, it was frequently emphasised that one must invest in making their marriage thrive. Put forth your utmost effort.

“In the past, you could only part ways with your spouse on the day you die.”

Juggan Kazim urged parents to instil resilience, discouraging divorce as a quick fix and promoting dedicated efforts in marriages.

Despite evolving norms, she stressed that people choose the easy way out, which is divorce.

Juggan added: “Parents offer the easy way out nowadays.”

Many viewers across different social media platforms appreciated her statements.

One user said: “I agree with her, excess of everything is bad, even divorce.”

Another wrote: “Thank goodness someone encouraged making a marriage work. Everyone around us treats marriage like something weak that you can just throw away easily.”

One commented:

“True, not every fight or disagreement means that divorce is the solution.”

Another agreed: “People enjoy the honeymoon phase for a year or two, and when it is time to take up responsibilities, they simply walk out.”

On the other hand, others questioned her views.

They claimed marriages of convenience were common in Pakistan, hence deeming her statement irrelevant to Pakistanis.

To them, the subject of divorce was already taboo enough without someone stigmatising it further.

A user wrote: “But in Pakistan, divorces aren’t really common. Women even stay with abusive partners to make their marriage work.

“So, they end up staying and suffering. It is already a taboo, why would you say stuff like this in an interview?”


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