‘Mein’ slammed by Viewers for Bad Ending

The final episode of ‘Mein’ aired, however, viewers did not enjoy it and made their feelings known on social media.

‘Mein slammed by Viewers for Bad Ending f

“Having a fabulous cast doesn’t mean the story will be good.“

The conclusion of the popular Pakistani drama serial Mein, broadcasted on ARY Digital, has sparked widespread discontent among its fanbase.

Wahaj Ali and Ayeza Khan’s star power attracted viewers, but the series faced criticism for its abrupt and unsatisfactory ending.

Airing its last episode, Mein failed to meet fans’ expectations, leaving them dissatisfied with the unresolved and seemingly haphazard conclusion.

Despite the engaging start, the drama lost its plot over time, contributing to the negative reception.

Viewers expressed disappointment, labelling it as one of the worst shows recently aired on television.

The character of Mubashira Jaffar, in particular, garnered sympathy from fans who had hoped for a happier resolution for her storyline.

Ayra’s character also faced criticism, with fans questioning her proclaimed love for Zaid, only to leave due to ego issues.

An angry viewer expressed: “ARY Digital, you hurt us! How can Ayra and Zaid not be together after going through so much?”

Numerous fans highlighted flaws in the plot, emphasising Mr Asif’s failure to clarify his stance in front of Zaid.

Many viewers argued that Mr Asif should have disclosed Ayra’s schemes against Zaid.

A disappointed viewer commented:

“After reading all the comments today, I will not watch the last episode because it will spoil my mood.”

Another user remarked: “Having a fabulous cast doesn’t mean the story will be good. I got this lesson after watching the drama Mein.

“Disappointed with the ending. Didn’t understand what they wanted to show.”

Fans collectively characterised the conclusion as incomplete, demanding a more detailed resolution to all the subplots within the storyline.

The overwhelming sentiment among viewers is that the potential of the drama was not fully realised.

They claimed it left them with a sense of unfulfillment and discontent.

A user stated: “This was not the end we expected. Need another episode.”

Another said: “The ending was bad but gotta say, the acting skills were superb. Especially in the last episode.”

One person wrote:

“Bad ending, MJ and Zaid should have ended up together!”

Despite the heavy criticism, there were also some insightful comments.

A person wrote: “I think it was a fitting ending. We are all used to seeing happily ever after in dramas but that is not how real life works.

“This was a toxic family, of course, it was going to end as it would in a real-life situation.”

Many believe that Mein presented the lesson that everyone ends up alone due to their ego.

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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