Indian Man held Captive by Wife & Son over Property Share

An Indian man was allegedly held captive by his estranged wife, son and her two nephews for a monetary share of his properties.

Indian Man

they allegedly tied him up and forced him to sign a cheque.

A woman, her son and two nephews have been arrested for holding her husband captive for 10 days. The shocking incident happened in Kalyan, Maharashtra.

It was reported that the four accused had intended to force the 54-year-old man to part with a share of his property.

Officers from Kolsewadi Police Station have taken the accused into custody.

The suspects have been identified as Durga Pawshe, aged 44, her son Nikhil, aged 21, and her nephews Swapnil, aged 22 and Pushkar, aged 21. The victim was named Suresh Pawshe.

Suresh lived separately from his wife and son. Police said he had done so for some time.

Suresh was the owner of several properties which he had rented out, while his son was unemployed.

Durga and the family wanted Suresh to sell off some of the properties and give them his share of the profits so that their financial needs could be taken care of.

Suresh alleged that he was held captive in November 2020, when his wife and son lured him to their home under the pretext of “talking”.

However, once there, they allegedly tied him up and forced him to sign a cheque. They also withdrew Rs. 2 Lakh (£2,000) from his bank account.

Suresh remained captive for 10 days before he was able to free himself and inform the police.

Officers confirmed that the four suspects have been arrested and the investigation is ongoing.

Shockingly, domestic violence against men is not a crime punishable by law in India to this day.

A man being subjected to domestic violence is considered an unbelievable scenario in Indian society.

This phenomenon is primarily attributed to the extreme gender stereotypes that have prevailed for centuries.

When a man goes public about facing domestic violence, abuse or harassment at the hands of his wife, he faces public ridicule.

Not only is his masculinity questioned, but he is also ridiculed for not being able to stand up to a woman.

Both of these biases are dangerously problematic.

They are fruits of the same patriarchal order that devalues women and whatever is considered ‘feminine’.

Men who have reported their own experiences of harassment and violence say the law against domestic violence has been used against them by the wife’s family.

Journalist and Activist Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj, who advocates for men’s rights in India said:

“There are a lot of people who are raising their voice on the issues that women are facing.

“But there are very fewer people who are talking about how men are also on the receiving end of gender-based crimes.

“So I thought, as a journalist, as a filmmaker, it is my responsibility to bring the other side out as well.”

Akanksha is a media graduate, currently pursuing a postgraduate in Journalism. Her passions include current affairs and trends, TV and films, as well as travelling. Her life motto is 'Better an oops than a what if'.

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