Indian Man shares Domestic Abuse Ordeal from Wife

An Indian man from Bengaluru has uploaded a video in which he detailed the shocking domestic abuse at the hands of his wife.

Indian Man shares Domestic Abuse Ordeal from Wife f

"my wife Ramya beat me with a wooden cricket bat"

An Indian man uploaded a YouTube video in which he pleaded for help to save him from the abuse he has been suffering at the hands of his wife.

The man is named Thananjeyan, a resident of Bengaluru. He explained that his wife beats him and does not allow him to talk to his friends and family.

Thananjeyan revealed that the beatings have gone on since marriage. Not only does she beat him but she also verbally abuses him.

He said that the beatings resulted in knee ligament damage which went unnoticed until February 2020 when he visited the doctor.

While the doctor suggested surgery, it was not urgent so Thananjeyan did not go through with the procedure.

However, the next month, he was beaten with a cricket bat which meant that he had to have the surgery. He said:

“Later, during March, my wife Ramya beat me with a wooden cricket bat on the same knee where I had the ligament issue.

“And that aggravated the pain, swelling, and with an emergency, I had to go for an operation.”

The Indian man was forced to call a friend to accompany him. Following the surgery, Thananjeyan stayed with the friend but when Ramya found out, she threatened him.

Thananjeyan explained that Ramya has prevented their children from living with them after telling them false stories about their father.

“She never allows the kids to be with me. She brainwashes them saying Appa (father) used to always beat you people when you were young.

“Kids started to believe whatever she says is right because she never allows them to be with me.”

Ramya prevents him from calling friends and family and she is always checking his phone.

The victim’s mother filed a complaint but no action was taken.

On July 7, Ramya beat her husband and forced him to stand on his injured leg. She also forced him to strip and stand outside where he was humiliated.

Thananjeyan could not take the abuse any longer and sent a plea for help to his brothers. He also decided to make the video.

After sending the plea for help, the victim revealed:

“On July 7, I sent an SOS email, and immediately I got a response from the local police station at Whitefield.”

He spoke to an officer on his friend’s phone quietly so that his wife could not hear him, however, she soon found out and took the phone away.

When Thananjeyan took a bath later that day, Ramya locked him inside. The police arrived and she claimed that everything was alright.

But his friend persuaded the officers to enter the house.

“Then my friend Satya had come there, and he asked the police to go inside and check.

“Until then the police were not interested to come inside and talk to me.

“Later, with Satya’s continuous request, the police came inside and opened the door of the balcony and I came out, and they asked me to talk.”

Thananjeyan told officers that he wanted for his wife to stop taking his phone and let him talk to his family. When the police left, she took his phone as well as his walking stick.

Thananjeyan said that on July 8, Ramya stamped on his foot and repeatedly kicked his injured leg, preventing him from speaking to his mother.

He managed to get out of the house on July 9, claiming that he needed to get a doctor’s certificate.

The victim made the video, pleading for help.

“I need help. Please, someone, help me. And I need help for my children as she doesn’t take care of my children and doesn’t teach them properly as well.

“I badly need help. Whoever is watching this video, please help me.”

The Indian man’s friends shared the video and it attracted the attention of documentary filmmaker Deepika Bhardwaj who managed to help him.

She confirmed that Thananjeyan was rescued and was on his way to Coimbatore to be with his mother.

Watch the video of the Indian Man’s plea for help


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