What do Indians really think of the UK?

The UK is one of the prime destinations for the Indian migrating community for higher studies and a good job. But what do Indians really think of the UK?

"They don’t mind the tourists because they are contributing to their economy."

UK is one of the prime destinations for the Indian migrating community. Many Indians prefer UK for higher studies and a good job.  But what do the Indians really think of the UK? Prepare yourself to be shocked as you read the article.

The British had a huge empire and ruled many countries including India for hundreds of years. UK is still considered to be a country with great power and command and also holds the permanent member of UN security council tag.

In order to get a feel of what Indian mindset is about the UK, our team interviewed many Indians from various sections of the society. We had a lot of different responses and some shocking ones too.

Not everyone likes the UK in India“I hate UK. They ruled India and exploited badly. They devastated the whole Indian economy and took pride in it. The queen of Great Britain still feels it is appropriate to show off the Kohinoor diamond in her crown which was robbed from India.”

These were the reactions of a student perusing her management degree. Some Indians still have not been able to put aside the historical facts and figures. They still blame the British for India’s not so good economy.

It is true that India was exploited by the East India Company. But the fact is that it has already been more than six decades since Indian independence. Hating the British for what their forefathers did to our forefathers does not seem legitimate.

Most Indian students are very happy in the UKWe also got a response from a student perusing his bachelor’s degree in English literature from a reputed university in UK:

“I have been studying in UK since the last six months and have loved every single moment of it. The people here are nice and very cooperative. When I was new in UK, I badly needed some support from my fellow classmates. I feel myself to be very lucky to have made some very good British friends who are always there in the hours of need.”

Despite various racism allegations, such responses indicate that the number of British with a confined mentality is limited. In general, the English do not appreciate racism.

A South Indian businessman had the following views to share “I went to UK for a one month holiday with my family and I loved it. The art and culture of the country is unique and worth witnessing. Throughout my tour me and my family talked and got to know many English people and I didn’t feel even a hint of racism.”

We also got an interesting point of view we from an economics professor. “Racism is widespread among the British mindset. They don’t mind the tourists because they are contributing to their economy. But when an Indian gets selected over them for a job, they feel angry about foreigners taking their job. It is tough for the Indians to get a job in UK. But when an Indian or an Asian somehow manages to get selected over a native, the English feel robbed. Their feelings many times results in unfortunate incidents of beating, torturing and in extreme cases even murdering of the people with Indian origin.”

It is well known that US has more influence over India than UK. More Indians go to Us for job opportunities and higher education. Hollywood movies are watched with keen interest in India. Indians also follow the US bands and TV series closely. But there are people who love British art and culture as well.

The UK has its own unique cultureA manager from engineering background currently working in a multinational software company had the following to share.

“I love British architecture and culture. The Rosslyn Chapel, Lud’s Church, Rosslyn Chapel etc. have mesmerizing architecture and I intend to visit them some day for their beauty and stories. I can’t resist watching classic English movies. I am also a big fan of some English bands like Pink Floyd, Coldplay and Iron Maiden. I can’t help listening to Iron Maiden’s tracks between working hours to refresh myself.”

It is a well acknowledged fact that the English history and culture is very rich. The true lovers of arts can find numerous inspiring aspects in the British culture.

We also got an interesting word from an esteemed lawyer.

“I believe English people belong to one of the best mannered and polite community. I can understand why some Indians may have hard feelings for the British but to be frank that is a bit foolish. I personally admire the British society and their fascinating culture.”

What do Indians really think of the UK?The views of people clearly indicate that while a few people still hate the British for the past, most of us have moved on.

Internationally India and UK share fair relations. Both countries have a history which may not be acceptable today to some but the future looks brighter.

Very recently British prime minister David Cameron was in India with a very big delegation. He had talks with the key Indian leaders and he hoped to strengthen the business relationship between the two countries. He also had the chance to spend some time with Indian youth to understand their aspirations both as Indians and participants in global progression.

Cameron also added that UK plans to make an investment of 1.1 million pounds for establishment of  network for British Business Centres.

So, is it correct to still hate UK for the exploitation of India? Should Indians blame the British for India’s poverty and still not being a developed nation? Or will the new Indian economy and growth make India a superpower in the no so distant future?

Amit is an engineer with a unique passion for writing. His life motto goes as “Success is not final and failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”