Indian Women held in Dubai for Refusing to Dance in Hotels

Two Indian women were held captive in Dubai after they refused to dance in hotels. The women had been in the city on holiday.

Indian Women held in Dubai for Refusing to Dance in Hotels f

his wife had said that she and her sister were going to Dubai

Two Indian women went to Dubai for a holiday but were later held captive in the city by a hotel owner when they refused to dance in hotels.

The women, who were sisters, went to Dubai through a travel agent in Bathinda, Punjab, India, on tourist visas.

However, a hotel owner held them captive when they refused to dance in hotels.

One of the sisters was able to explain the situation to her husband through a voice message. The police were soon informed.

The woman said that when they reached a hotel in Dubai, they were asked to work as dancers for a number of hotels within the city.

When they refused, the hotel owner took away their passports and locked them in a room.

One of the women explained that she was trapped through a voice message to her husband.

The woman’s husband heard the message and immediately informed the police. They then registered a case against three suspects and also began an investigation.

All three of the accused have been identified.

Sukhdev Singh and Josanpreet Singh have been arrested. However, the police are searching for the third suspect, identified as Salman Khan.

The husband of one of the Indian women explained to police that his wife had said that she and her sister were going to Dubai on tourist visas.

He said that he had spoken to the three suspects stating that his wife and her sister were visiting the city on tourist visas.

The man said that the flight to Dubai was on June 7, 2019.

However, the next day at around 1 pm, he received a voice message from his wife where she told him she was trapped.

The woman and her sister had been locked in a room after they refused to perform at hotels in Dubai.

Police sub-inspector Kulwant Singh explained that he has spoken to the manager of the hotel in Dubai and the passports have been returned to the two Indian women.

He also said that they will return to their homes in India as soon as possible.

Dubai has been considered one of the most modern tourist destinations as it is famed for its urban environment.

It is the fastest growing city in the world with the largest number of foreign-born citizens.

While it has become a popular destination, there have been cases of Indian women being lured there.

One case involved a woman who was wooed into marrying a man from the city. However, the marriage was used to force the woman into prostitution.

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