Pakistani Couple held for Filming Rape to Blackmail Women

A Pakistani couple from Lahore has been arrested for filming women being raped and using the video footage to blackmail them.

Pakistani Couple held for Filming Rape to Blackmail Women f

"Razia’s husband assaulted me while Razia filmed it."

A Pakistani couple was arrested in Lahore for filming a number of women being raped before blackmailing them using the footage.

They were taken into custody by the Lahore Investigations police team. The suspects were identified as Salamat Ali and his wife Razia Sultana.

During the investigation, the husband and wife admitted to their crimes. They said that they had sexually assaulted several women while filming the ordeal. They would then use the footage to blackmail them.

Police officers explained that Sultana would use different methods to befriend the women before luring them to their home in Mohlanwal.

Once she had convinced the women to visit their home, Ali would then rape them while Sultana filmed their horrific ordeal.

Afterwards, the demanding couple would blackmail them by threatening to upload the footage online if they refused.

Police officers were informed of their offences following a complaint by a woman living in Mohlanwal.

She told them that Razia lived nearby and they had become friends.

However, the woman said that when she visited her home, her husband sexually assaulted her while it was filmed by Razia.

The victim said:

“A few days ago, Razia’s husband assaulted me while Razia filmed it.”

The woman added that the Pakistani couple blackmailed her by demanding money off her. They told her that they would post the video onto the internet if she refused.

Based on the statement, an FIR was registered against Salamat Ali and his wife Razia Sultana.

The case was referred to the Anti-Gender Based Violence Cell Cantonment Division.

The Tribune reported that the cell investigated the case and the two perpetrators were arrested. Police officers said that they are investigating further to find out the number of women subjected to this ordeal.

A similar case occurred in Rawalpindi where Qasim Jahangir and his wife Kiran Mehmood confessed to raping and blackmailing forty-five girls after they were arrested.

The case came to light after an Allama Iqbal Open University student explained that she was kidnapped by Mehmood, who claimed to be a student.

The victim was taken to a house where she was raped by Jahangir while Mehmood filmed the abuse.

They then threatened to upload the video online before dropping the student by the roadside later that night.

Officers raided the property and arrested the couple. Ten explicit videos and thousands of photos were also recovered.

The investigation revealed that the couple targeted school, college and university students.

City Police Officer (CPO) Mohammad Faisal Rana directed officers to locate more victims and to get more complaints so that separate cases can be registered against the couple.

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