Indian Wife’s Marriage of Deceit led to Prostitution in Dubai

A woman named Rajvir Kaur from Punjab was wooed into marrying a wealthy man from Dubai but the marriage was a way to get her into prostitution.

Indian Wife’s Marriage of Deceit led to Prostitution in Dubai f

he attempted to recruit Rajvir into the prostitution business

A traumatic story about a wife being duped into a marriage of deceit under the pretext of a rich and happy life in Dubai has emerged from Nawanshahr in Punjab, India.

Rajvir Kaur, left for Dubai the next day after her marriage to Dilbagh Singh.

She married Dilbagh who was from Dubai with the dream of leaving India for a new life.

Little did show know that her husband actually had used the marriage as a way of taking her to Dubai to try and force her into prostitution.

The newly married Rajvir, however, somehow managed to sneak away out of the Dilbagh Singh’s residence and eloped.

She then reached the destination of a Dubai police station. She reported her husband and filed a case against him for his inappropriate actions against her.

Dubai police helped Rajvir Kaur get on a flight back to her home in the Malan village in Nawanshahr in Punjab.

According to reports, Rajvir Kaur got married to Dilbagh Singh on December 21, 2018.

Her introduction to Dilbagh Singh was made by a man known Natwar Singh and his wife Pawandeep Kaur.

To convince her, they told Rajvir that Dilbagh ran a large and successful transport business in Dubai and that he was a very wealthy man.

After the introduction, Rajvir and Dilbagh started to chat online and communicate with each other.

In one instance of their exchanges, Dilbagh made a video call and gave Rajvir a show of his expensive house in Dubai.

After seeing how well they were getting on and the prospects Rajvir had with a successful man like Dilbagh, her parents agreed to the marriage.

After the wedding, Dilbagh insisted they both leave for Dubai. So, the next day the couple flew out.

For about 4-5 days everything seemed fine in the marriage.

Then Rajvir realised that as well as his transport business, Dilbagh was actually running a prostitution racket in Dubai.

Dilbagh then started to apply force and he attempted to recruit Rajvir into the prostitution business.

He was supplying young women from India to his clients.

This is the reason why he brought Rajvir to Dubai so quickly, after the wedding.

When Rajvir refused to be part of the prostitution, he began to beat her and kept her in his custody.

From which she eventually managed to escape one day and return to India.

Rajvir subsequently revealed in India that Pawandeep Kaur and Natwar Singh are also in partnership with Dilbagh Singh.

She said they are introducing vulnerable girls to him who are desperate to leave India for a new life abroad, the same way, she got caught in their trap.

Hopefully, police will now be investigating the case further.

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