Vidya Balan uncovers Secrets & Deceit in ‘Jalsa’

Vidya Balan and Shefali Shah uncover secrets and deceit as the trailer for the Amazon Original Movie ‘Jalsa’ was released.

Vidya Balan uncovers Secrets & Deceit in 'Jalsa' f

"a compelling story of secrets, truths, ironies"

Amazon Prime Video unveiled the official trailer of the upcoming drama-thriller Jalsa and it looks to be a captivating story of thrill and vengeance.

Starring Vidya Balan and Shefali Shah, the film reflects on a gripping story of human emotions.

Jalsa is directed by Suresh Triveni while T-Series and Abundantia Entertainment produce the film.

The trailer introduces main characters Maya (Vidya) and Rukshana (Shefali) living in a chaotic world filled with secrets and lies.

But when a life-changing incident happens, a duel of redemption and retribution follows.

Backed with a riveting narrative, Jalsa thrives on remarkable performances and engaging storytelling that promises to leave viewers in awe.

Director Suresh Triveni said: “Jalsa is a drama peppered with the right amount of thrill.

“The film attempts to deliver a compelling story of secrets, truths, ironies laced with powerful, emotionally complex performances by Vidya and Shefali and the rest of the ensemble.

“My attempt is to make a film that is engaging and connects with a wider audience.

“I am thankful to my producers, T-Series and Vikram Malhotra from Abundantia who believed in my vision as well as Prime Video for enabling us to take Jalsa to a global audience and I hope the film manages to connect with them.”

Vidya Balan uncovers Secrets & Deceit in 'Jalsa'

Vidya said: “With every film I do, my attempt is to tell a new story and be a different person from the characters I’ve played so far, and Jalsa ticked those boxes.

Jalsa gave me the opportunity to delve into the grey and it’s been a very challenging, enriching, and fulfilling experience for me as an actor.

“Also teaming up with Suresh again on a film that is poles apart from our previous project – Tumhari Sulu, was so exciting.

“This is the third time that I’ve worked with Abundantia Entertainment and with Amazon Prime Video and I have to say the experience has been exceptional, as it was with the first two films.

“Needless to say, I cannot wait for people to watch Jalsa on Amazon Prime Video when it drops on the 18 March.

“And working with a bunch of wonderful actors, particularly Shefali Shah has been a highlight for me.”

Shefali Shah added: “There are certain stories you can’t not be a part of, Jalsa was one such experience for me.

“Unlike my recent portrayals, my role as Rukshana in Jalsa is a complete contrast.

“However, the vulnerabilities and dilemmas that of a mother are like any other and living through them has been really fulfilling as an artist.

“It feels great to know that our hard work shall reach such a huge number of viewers at once and I am sure Jalsa will resonate with them.”

Jalsa marks the third collaboration between Abundantia Entertainment, Vidya Balan and Prime Video.

It also marks the first time Vidya and Shefali will share the screen together.

Jalsa will premiere in India and across 240 countries and territories on Amazon Prime Video on March 18, 2022.

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