Indian Pervert Molests a Young Girl standing near Her Mother

A viral video of an Indian pervert shockingly sexually assaulting a young girl standing next to her mother in public has instigated a police hunt.

Indian pervert

"Can you people please help find this pervert"

A shocking video reveals an Indian pervert who disgustingly molests a young girl from behind with her mother standing right next to her in public.

The video which was has gone viral, shows people at a mela (fairground) watching a funfair ride in India and then you see the man standing behind a young girl. With public standing around him, the middle-aged man still continues with his vile intention of sexually molesting the girl by groping her and enacting inappropriate movements towards her from behind repeatedly.

At one point he even looks at the camera which is filming him, which possibly implies that the person filming him could be in on the act as well. Or the man did not know he was being filmed.

At the well-lit fair, when the girl realises that he is doing something towards her, she looks at her mother, who quickly moves her to the side and stands in between. At this point, the perverse man moves quickly away.

After the video hit social platforms, identification of the place emerged as Chinsurah city, in West Bengal, India. The location was the Chuchura Handloom Mela, which was held on Wednesday, June 6, 2018.

Strangely, the mother does not raise an alarm of what just happened to her daughter or even confront the Indian pervert. 

Possible reasons for this include, the mother was afraid to raise attention to the incident in public or towards her daughter, she did not want to highlight what the man was doing to her daughter (in a way to protect her) or not knowing what fully happened, the mother had no proof and quickly reacted to knowing the man did something towards her daughter.

The video which has been uploaded on many social platforms was posted on Twitter by @IronyOfIndia_ who are demanding that action needs to be taken by police against the perverse “imbecile”.

Warning: The video in the Tweet contains scenes of a sexually disturbing nature.

Reactions to the video have been of disgust and the demand for immediate action against the man on Twitter.

Ramesh Solanki who posted the video too said:

“Can you people please help find this pervert, want to file compalint against him but need some more details”

He adds:

“Video already on most social media, I am sure the girl and her mother will be happy if the pervert is caught and punished. See I cant sit quite after watching it, action needs to taken against him”

Milind M. Mahale  said:

“People have time to shoot and post it on tweeter….. It would have been great if that rouge was given sound trashing”

Aniket Bose said:

“Can we find the camera man who was busy filming the act rather than confronting the man himself. Especially after a valid videographic evidence.”

Amarjit Singh said:

“Who made this video. He is also criminal as well as that guy.”

Reethi Paladugu reacted to staying silent and said:

“why is that girl silent? what are we teaching our daughters? how much abuse are we forcing the little ones to silently gulp down? i dont know if am to be exasperated or sorry.”

Many have also questioned what the Kolkata police and the West Bengal state government, are doing to find the culprit seen committing this heinous act against a young girl in public.

Police Commissioner of Hooghly’s Chandannagar, Ajay Kumar, said that the police has seen the video and have since been attempting to identify and track down the man.

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