Female Fan ‘Molests’ Aditya Roy Kapur as she tries to Kiss Him

In a viral video, a female fan posed for a picture with Aditya Roy Kapur before desperately trying to kiss him. See how the actor reacted.

Aditya Roy Kapur as she tries to Kiss Him f

"This kind of harassment is not right!"

Aditya Roy Kapur was left in a tough spot after one of his fans tried to kiss him.

The actor, who has a lot of female fans, experienced the moment as he attended the screening of his show The Night Manager in Mumbai.

After exiting his car, Aditya was met with dozens of fans who raced to get pictures with him.

In a video, one woman was initially stopped by security before Aditya allowed her through to take a picture with him.

Meanwhile, security officials were working to prevent other fans from surrounding the actor.

The woman takes a picture with Aditya, with the pair smiling.

But after Aditya thanks her, she puts her arms around him and tries to kiss him on the cheek. The actor holds her arms, preventing her from doing so.

The woman continues and attempts to hold his face, prompting Aditya to push her arms back.

She then kisses his hands as he smiled and turned to the other fans, asking them to join him for the premiere of the show.

Although Aditya smiled and handled the situation well, he appeared uncomfortable by the woman’s advances.

Social media users slammed the fan, accusing her of harassment.

One said: “Oh god! This kind of harassment is not right! What is wrong with people?

“Even I like him but I won’t forcefully try to kiss him, that’s pure harassment!”

Another said: “Hello lady, Covid is not completely over yet.”

A third wrote: “The way she is grabbing his neck… Thank god she is shorter than him.”

Some pointed out what would likely happen if it was a male fan with a female star.

One comment read: “If a man did the same, the post would be different.”

Another agreed: “The same kind of behaviour of male fans with any female star could land them behind bars.”

One person said:

“Then everyone blames celebrities. Fans must learn to maintain decency, they are not our property.”

The Night Manager marks Aditya Roy Kapur’s digital debut.

A remake of the British series of the same name, Aditya said the show combines revenge and betrayal with high-octane drama and complex characters.

He said: “As they say, still waters run deep, and my character Shaan very much embodies that phrase.

“One can never tell what’s on his mind but you know the wheels are furiously turning, taking the plot from one unexpected turn to another.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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