Indian Man in Custody for forcing Wife to have Sex with Dog

After two years of abuse, an Indian man forced his wife to have sex with dog. Police arrested him after his wife filed a complaint against him.

Indian Man in Custody for forcing Wife to have Sex with Dog

"Stay in the house only if you can sleep with the dog."

An Indian man remains in custody, after forcing his wife to have sex with Dog. The alleged incident took place on 22nd March 2017, in their family home.

His wife soon complained about his indecent behaviour at the Katakol police station.

Police arrested the Indian man for multiple charges, including unnatural offences. The other charges include criminal intimidation, husband (or relative of husband) of a woman subjecting her to cruelty, and intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of peace.

In the wife’s complaint, she claims that her husband showed her videos of explicit sexual content. He would show her these videos at night and revealed he expected her to act in a similar way. The Indian man showed her these sex videos regularly in the last four months.

But on 22nd March 2017, his worrying behaviour took a new extreme, as he expected her to have sex with Dog. Reports claim that around 10:30pm, the man took a dog back with him to the family home. He forcefully expected her to engage in sex with the dog.

His wife claims he threatened her. He reportedly said: “Stay in the house only if you can sleep with the dog.”

After the threats, he then forced her and their three children to leave the property. At this point, his wife went to the Katakol police station to make the complaint.

Reports say that the man’s wife had to endure two years of physical and mental abuse, in the run up to having sex with dog. He would beat her and constantly make threats of driving her out of their home.

The couple had married seven years ago.

His real name has not yet been revealed. However, police say the man used to work as a truck owner-turned driver.

Police have registered a case against the Indian man, with the charges under the Indian Penal Act. They filed the case on 25th March 2017.

The man remains in custody until his trial begins.

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