Indian Man in custody for Secretly Filming Women Bathing

Indian man Avinash Kumar Yadav, from Mumbai, has been arrested for allegedly filming women on his mobile phone while they are bathing.

Indian Man in custody for Secretly Filming Women Bathing f

"she found a mobile phone on the bathroom window while she was bathing"

Avinash Kumar Yadav, aged 34, of Thane, near Mumbai, was arrested on Saturday, February 23, 2019, for allegedly filming people bathing.

The man, who is studying at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay, had secretly filmed women while they were bathing on his mobile phone.

Yadav was arrested after being caught by one woman he was filming. Other residents saw him fleeing the scene and they managed to grab him.

He was charged under section 354 (any man who watches or captures the image of a woman engaging in a private act in circumstances where she would have the expectation of not being observed) of the Indian Penal Code.

A Kapurbawdi police station official said:

“A woman filed a complaint that she found a mobile phone on the bathroom window while she was bathing on Friday night.

“She alerted her husband who confiscated the phone. The couple saw the accused fleeing from the place.

Locals began beating Yadav before the police arrived and formally arrested him.

The mobile phone was recovered and examined. Other video clips showed that Yadav had filmed men and women bathing.

Police discovered that many of the residents filmed lived in the same building.

The police official added: “The accused was nabbed by other residents.

“The mobile phone had clips of men and women, mostly residents of the same building, bathing.”

If found guilty, Yadav could be sentenced for up to five years in prison. He could also receive a fine.

In a similar case that took place in the UK in 2016, a man was jailed and deported for filming up women’s skirts on the Underground Tube in London.

Aaron Lal, aged 32, was caught by a member of the public filming up a woman’s skirt.

British Transport Police started an investigation after arresting Lal on October 18, 2016. They identified him by locating him through CCTV enquiries.

After searching through his phone, they found more footage of him filming up women’s skirts. The footage was said to have been recorded between June and October 2016.

The judge at Westminister Magistrates’ Court charged him with five counts of outraging public decency. Lal pleaded guilty to the charges.

As well as being jailed for four months, he was fined £115 and was deported back to New Zealand.

Lal was also placed on the Sexual Harm Prevention Order for five years.

He cannot own a camera or video device without the police inspecting the device first. Lal also cannot use a device to access the internet unless it can track and keep the history of his Internet usage.

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