Pervert jailed and being deported for Filming up Women’s Skirts

A pervert jailed for four months will face deportation after filming up women’s skirts. He was reported by a member of the public on a London Tube train.

Pervert jailed and being deported for Filming up Women's Skirts

"I am really pleased that this multiple offender has been brought to justice."

A 32-year-old pervert jailed for filming up women’s skirts also faces deportation. A member of the public caught him filming up a woman’s skirt on the Underground Tube in London.

Aaron Lal’s trial took place at Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London. On 6th March 2017, the judge charged him with five counts of outraging public decency.

Aaron Lal, who lived in Wanstead, London, pleaded guilty to the offences.

As confirmed by the press office at British Transport Police, Lal who was jailed for four months will also face deportation back to New Zealand after his imprisonment. He will be unable to return back to the UK.

In addition, the judge gave him a fine of £115.

The case began after a member of the public reported him to the police on 15th July 2016. They caught him filming up a woman’s skirt in a Tube train carriage.

The incident happened on a Victoria Line Underground train.

British Transport Police started an investigation on Aaron Lal. They arrested him on 18th October 2016. They found him by locating him through CCTV enquiries.

After searching through his mobile phone, they found more footage of filming up women’s skirts. Lal supposedly recorded the footage between June and October 2016.

Police Sergeant Dan Russell said: “I am really pleased that this multiple offender has been brought to justice.

“Behaviour like this will never be tolerated on the transport network and I urge people to report any unwanted sexual behaviour to us so people like Lal can be brought to justice.”

The pervert jailed for the indecent sexual behaviour will also be placed on the Sexual Harm Prevention Order for five years. This means that he cannot own a camera or video device without police inspecting the device first.

He also cannot use a device to access the Internet unless it can track and keep the history of his Internet usage.

The police have shown that outraging public decency is a serious crime with multiple consequences. And now Aaron Lal may never come back to the UK.

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Image courtesy of British Transport Police.